Will Office Chair Fit in Sedan?

will office chair fit in sedan

Will office chair fit in sedan? A fully built office chair will rarely fit perfectly into a vehicle. By detaching the cylinder and base from the chair seat and backrest, you should be capable of putting any office chair into a Sedan.

The majority of office chairs are simple to disassemble.

However, there are several straightforward solutions to this problem. Also, you should be able to take into account the size of your Sedan and your office chair.

In this post, we’ll cover all you need to know concerning getting an office chair into Sedans, including how to move it safely within a vehicle.

Will Office Chair Fit in Sedan? Putting the Size of the Office Chair into Consideration

There’s no need to measure office chairs inch by inch when it boils down to fitting them into Sedans. You should have a rough concept of the height and width of office chairs.

The average office chair is 40 inches high and about 20 inches wide. Several office chairs have been measured and it was discovered that the average seat height is between 16 and 20 inches.

In addition, the average height of a typical office chair’s backrest is 19 to 21 inches.

When you add the seat and backrest heights together, you obtain a height of around 40 inches. The majority of office chairs are between 17 and 20 inches broad, which is seen as the industry norm.

The trunks of most sedans are about 50 inches broad, with the depts at 40 inches.

Fitting the Office Chair into a Sedan Using Correct Specifications

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Will office chair fit in sedan? The height of the chair (about 40 inches) might not fit the entrance of the trunk of the sedan because you will be installing it laying down.

You might try to perfectly fit the office chair inside the trunk opening by reducing the height with the lever. The office chair is expected to have enough room once inside. 

Another alternative is to put the chair in the rear seat of the vehicle. In fact, in a review, a user attempted to put a Steelcase chair into the back seat of a 2002 Accord Sedan and succeeded without removing the office chair’s base.

In other words, a completely built office chair might fit in the sedan’s backseat.

Lay passengers’ seats back in the sedan, put the office chair in via the passenger door (which is much bigger than the back doors), and try to manoeuvre the office chair into the sedan backseat without removing it.

The chair should now be turned upside down having the wheels up. 

Make sure to use bubble wrap to protect the chair from bruises, scratches, and bumps along the way. Also, remember to drive cautiously. 

That being established, office chairs, like cars, come in a variety of designs and sizes.

Some chairs are significantly larger than others, particularly those meant for large and tall individuals.

So, if you can’t transport your office furniture, here are some suggestions for transporting an office chair in a sedan.

Tips For Fitting and Transporting Office Chairs in Sedans

Are you looking to transport an office chair in your sedan? You should check out these tips before going any further:

Remove the Chair from the Workplace 

The first thing you should do is take apart the office chair. In case you’re not experienced in dismantling it and the arrangement seems daunting, don’t worry; it’s easier than you think. 

The height of a typical office chair is made up of two key components. The chair’s five-star foundation and gas cylinder make up the lowest part, while the backrest and seat cushion make up the upper part.

You should be able to easily fit both sections inside a sedan once you separate the bottom and upper parts. 

To separate the upper part of the chair from the gas cylinder, you’ll need a pipe wrench. 

Tighten the chair to the cylinder as firmly to the mechanism as possible with a pipe wrench.

Tilt the pipe wrench to approximately a quarter turn until it comes loose after it has been tightened to the cylinder.

Because the cylinder isn’t screwed on, loosen it till the cylinder and base come free. The cylinder does not need to be removed from the chair’s base. 

You see how easily both components can fit perfectly into any automobile, including sedans, once the bottom part is separated from the higher part. Both sections can be stored in the trunk or the backseat. 

Hire a trailer or a van

If you are unsure about disassembling the office chair, the next best choice is to utilize a larger vehicle.

Inquire with a family member or friend who owns a larger vehicle, such as a trailer or a van, if you may lend it to carry the office furniture. It should be fine as long as you get to pay for fuel expenses. 

If you’re transferring an office chair within the city, a vehicle should be enough; but, if you’re transporting multiple pieces of office furniture to another state or city, a trailer may be required.

Not only would this improve your trip’s safety, but it also adequately protects your workplace chairs from harm. 

Employ the Services of a Veteran Mover 

If borrowing the vehicle from friends or relatives is not an option, the last alternative is to employ a veteran mover.

This is also perfect if you’re moving a large amount of office equipment to a different state at the same time.

Additionally, if you plan to transport your full office set, hiring a professional mover is ideal.

Final Thoughts

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Will office chair fit in sedan? Is it possible to perfectly fit office chairs into sedans? Yes, that is correct.

However, it will require some imagination and perseverance to make it happen. The bottom line is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to office chairs fitting in automobile back seats or trunk space.

We suggest you consult a professional mover if you still feel unsure about moving the office chair yourself.