Why are Herman Miller Chairs So Expensive?

Why Herman Miller Office Chairs are expensive?

Looking to buy a Herman Miller Char but wondering why in the world are these Herman Miller chairs so expensive?

Short Answer: They are a world class product.

Well, a detailed answer to that question is that all the Herman Miller chairs are designed by a highly efficient design team and with premium quality materials. There are certain facts and figures that make Herman Miller one of the expensive yet most reliable chair brands.

No doubt, Herman Miller chairs cut above the rest.

Here we are to give you a conclusive answer regarding the high price of Herman Miller chairs.

Before we jump to the facts and figures behind this expensive brand, let us have a quick note on the legacy of Herman Miller.

Herman Miller – A Self-Made Furniture Brand 

A brand with a long history of 100 years, Herman Miller has won the iF World Design Awards 2020 in the Office and Industry category. Blessed with the world’s best furniture designers such as Michael Anastassiades, Jeffrey Bernett– Herman Miller has been creating wonders since its starting day.

Herman Miller knows which tune plays well for their customers. They have specialized themselves in making office chairs, side chairs, stacking chairs, lounge seating, etc. They invest a lot in the research to create a unique design for each of its products. 

Though the price of the Herman Miller chairs are slightly high, there are ample reasons behind it that you simply can’t ignore. We will be discussing these reasons in the upcoming section.

Herman Miller Sayl Chair, Crepe Licorice
Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Reasons why Herman Miller Chairs are expensive

Producing a world-class chair is not easy, and Herman Miller has done this job quite efficiently. Before you wonder about the high price of Herman Miller chairs, have a look at these facts behind the brand’s expensive chairs. 

1. Ergonomic Design

Herman Miller believes in creating wonders for its customers. They assign the best engineers and furniture designers to create a comfortable design for the buyers. The designing team does a lot of research and then comes up with the unique designs.

Wrist pain and back pain are the most common health issues caused due to the cheap design of the chair. When it is about your health, it is worth investing in a good chair that comes with a body-friendly design. 

Herman Miller gives much importance to the scientific design of all their chairs. They leave no stone unturned to ensure a unique yet a relaxing design for their chairs.

2. Premium Quality Materials

Why are herman miller chairs so expensive?

The fabric and the metal that Herman Miller uses, raise no question regarding quality issue. Herman Miller chairs come with the swivel wheels that are abrasion-free and have great mobility on the floor. You can just lay your back on the chair, and move the wheels without any fear of scratches on the floor.

The frames are also made of the best material. For example, the 8Z Pellicle elastomeric suspension seat and backrest give you a comfortable sitting as they are made of great quality materials. 

3. Superb Mobility

Desk chairs are incomplete without great mobility Do you want to buy a desk chair that does not allow you to move freely while sitting on it? Herman Miller chairs give you excellent mobility, and you can move the chair in any direction. 

The moving parts of the Herman Miller chairs are one of the reasons behind its higher price. The caster wheels and the wheel hole are long lasting too.

4. Unique Features

The unique features that all Herman Miller Chairs have are:

  • Pellicle Fabric Seat
  • Tilt Limiter 
  • Soft Cushion on Arm Rests
  • Caster wheels
  • Dual PostureFit SL
  • Graphite frame finish

You can lower or heighten the armrests of Herman Miller chairs. You can angle the armrests outwards up to 30 degrees.

There are very few furniture brands in the market that offer such features. Providing the customers with such features makes the production cost of the chair a bit high. Herman Miller chairs are expensive as it never compromises with the quality.

Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair | Fully Adjustable Arms and Carpet Casters | Black Rhythm

5. Great Shape and Size for All (Tall, Short and Medium height people)

The Herman Miller chairs come in the perfect shape and size. It takes a lot of time and research for Herman Miller to find out the ideal size according to the weight and height of its targeted audience.

 The back seat suits the natural human curve of the spine, that reduces the back pain. The size of the seat is neither too big nor too little for their customers.

Naturally, going through various research to give the chairs an ideal shape increases the cost of the Herman Miller chairs.  

6. Wide Range of Colors 

The Herman Miller chairs have a wide variety of colors that go with your office decor. The Aeron model of Herman Miller chairs has almost 17 color options. Regarding appearance, Herman Miller chairs stand out classy and trendy from the other chair brands. 

Herman Miller has even introduced some unconventional colors for their products, and these colors are hardly known in the furniture industry. Coming out with such unique colors for the chair automatically increases the Herman Miller chairs’ production cost. 

7. Posture Fit Design

Herman Miller chairs allow you to sit comfortably in any posture according to your convenience. The posture fit design ensures a pain-free sitting experience. 

Herman Miller specializes in posture fit design that gives you back support. It prevents slouching by allowing your pelvis to maintain a natural forward tilt. 

If you want to avoid the back and wrist pain, Herman Miller chairs would be the best option. Even though it may cost you some extra bucks, the quality of the chair is worth it.

8. Long Warranty Period  

Herman Miller chairs come with a minimum 12 years warranty period. Such a huge warranty period would be unattainable for most of the furniture brands. 

Herman Miller has made it possible as they never compromise with the quality of the material. If you are looking for a one-time investment in a comfortable chair, Herman Miller is worth spending the money on. 

9. Strong Brand Value

Last but not the least, the brand value of Herman Miller is worldwide. It has a worldwide demand for its furniture.

Isn’t it true that a global brand would put the price of their products a bit higher as they are reliable and credible? It has taken them a lot of effort and time to come out with the world’s most comfortable chairs.


Be it a lazy afternoon in your balcony or a hard day at your office, a  relaxing and comfortable chair helps you to reduce all your stress. They also minimize the health problems even if you sit too long on your chair that generally gives rise to spine related issues.

The bottom line is, when it is about your health, you should never compromise with the quality of the product. Herman Miller keeps these facts in mind to create the most comfortable chairs.

All the reasons in this article with the facts and figures, give you the answer, “why are Herman Miller chairs so expensive?”. So, be it for your office or for your balcony, a Herman Miller chair will never disappoint you.

It is always a smart and sharp choice to pick up the Herman Miller chair over other cheap chairs for office, although it costs you couple of extra hundred dollars.

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