Why Are DXRacer Chairs So Expensive?

why are dxracer chairs so expensive

Are you looking to purchase one of the DXRacer chairs? You probably would have wondered: Why are DXRacer chairs so expensive? Gaming chairs and desk chairs from DXRacer are among the most in-demand chairs due to their high-quality and comfortable materials. 

DXRacer chairs offer unique characteristics, including adjustable cushioning, suitability for racing games, and ergonomic design. But why are they expensive? This article will provide an insightful answer to that question!

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DXRacer: Who Are They?

The company, DXRacer, is based in Whitmore Lake, Michigan. Their market is mainly gaming chairs, but they have added other products to their line. These include desk chairs and office desks. While this brand doesn’t deliver its chairs to other nations, it gives clients in other countries a list of approved distributors.

Who Are the DXRacer Chairs Designed For?

Most of DXRacer’s products are for adults, especially game players and those whose work requires prolonged sitting. About 90 percent of DXRacer chairs have adjustable features (ergonomic features) so that the user’s weight is distributed evenly, and muscle injuries are eliminated during long work or gaming contests.

Even though DXRacer chairs come in many different colors, they have a few chairs with a more polished look that only come in darker colors. It is best to check for suitable chair colors. With this in mind, your chair can always match the settings of your home or office. 

How Much Do DXRacer Chairs Cost?

The chairs from DXRacer cost anywhere from about $300 to almost $700. It has about seventeen distinct chair models for gaming, and some are made for 3D games’ autopiloting (simulation). Some even let the user lie flat, but this is primarily a question of taste.

Does DXRacer have a Flexible Guarantee System?

You have a month after buying a DXRacer chair to send it back to the distributor you purchased it from. Also, ensure it’s sealed. You will get a complete refund. However, you will have to cover the expense of shipping it back. 

What can you do if you love the chair, but it comes with a fault? You can use DXRacer’s 2-year guarantee. This warranty policy covers all problems that are supposed to have come from the factory, such as bad leather seats, damaged gas cylinders, and damaged plastic parts. The policy covers it for two years as long as you have the chair. 

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Why is a DXRacer Chair Worth the Investment?

When DXRacer started in 2001, the brand began with car seats. They didn’t manufacture offices and game chairs till around 2006. They have a long list of products and many happy client testimonials to back them up.

Because of their years of experience manufacturing vehicle seats, their desk and gaming chairs are among the industry’s most comfortable. They have resellers across every continent. Thus, the company is recognized for sponsoring many sports competitions all around the globe.

As a company that takes pride in its care and precision and its use of high quality, they make sure that all of their products are of the same high quality. They have a good name to protect and a strategy to maintain that. Here are some of the factors that make them different from other chair industries:

  • Their chairs come in many various fabrics or leather quality.
  • They have a line of chairs just for ergonomic design and lines of chairs for the desk and video games.
  • It provides a wide selection of chair gadgets. 
  • Designed to fit any body type.

However, apart from their interest in and compassion for reliability, what distinguishes DXRacer from the rest is that they have a different ergonomic strategy. The cost is worth it since these chairs are made to be comfortable for a long time. DXRacer is one of the few companies with a strategy about service quality.

How Long Does the DXRacer Chair Last?

A high-end DXRacer desk chair or gaming chair will usually last about five years or more before the forms, cover material, and frames begin to wear and aren’t as accommodating to the user’s body as they used to be. But if you don’t use your chair daily, all day long, it might last you longer than five years.

Also, you don’t have to get rid of your chair just because the cushion has started to fall apart. The chair is still good enough to be used for a few more months. If the user’s body begins to hurt with each use of the chair, it might be time to get a new chair.

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Do DXRacer Chairs Help the User’s Back Posture? 

DXRacer produces high-resilience chairs, which are available in various models. Even if you choose a DXRacer ergonomic chair, a gaming chair, or a business chair, it will surely aid your body posture.

Generally, a gaming or ergonomic chair will be the most stable and easy to use. Gaming chairs from DXRacer are made to be durable and comfortable for extended use. They also offer backrests, armrests, and headrests for long-term body fitness. Your respiration, emotions, rigidity, and mobility in your joints can all be impacted by poor posture. It is best advised to buy a decent DXRacer chair to improve your posture. A proper chair like the DXRacer is more and more in demand day after day.

Why Do DXRacer Chair Models Cost As Much As They Do?

This section covers eight unique reasons why the DXRacer is expensive. 

1. Durability

When you’re in a video or console gaming contest, you will frequently find yourself tilting forward, backward, or to the side. This can be hard on low-quality and low-budget chairs.

The materials used on the DXRacer chairs are not cheap or easy to break. DXRacer’s chairs are made with high-quality fabrics or leathers and other components, precisely what you want from a brand (user’s choice).

2. Stability

Moving around with a gaming chair with wheels will be easier. When purchasing a gaming chair, it’s also crucial to think about how stable the chair is and if it keeps its structure when you move around on it. Stability is a unique feature found in all models of the DXRacer chair.

3. Ergonomic Composition

An ergonomic chair supports and strengthens the muscles in ways that enable them to be much more relaxed and resistant to fatigue. Most DXRacer chairs provide a thick cushion so that your body won’t have direct contact with the metal framework of the chair, preventing lower back pain or other postural problems. Some DXRacer chairs include a modified V-shape in the cushioning that helps you stay balanced on the cushion’s rear while guiding your legs.

4. Adjustability

There are different designs of gaming chairs that are adjustable. Expensive ones have several paddles that aid in adjusting various chair components. The DXRacer chair is made with extra parts to ensure everything is working. It will make the user feel better and help them maintain proper posture. A DXRacer chair has adjustable features on the armrest, gas cylinder, and backers. The DXRacer chairs have two ways to adjust the height and width of the armrests. One is to start moving the arm up or down, and the other can be adjusted sideways.

The DXRacer chairs have reclining bucket seats, which tilt to an angle as low as 130 degrees to enhance the back support. When the user leans back on the back support (backrest), the pressure is transferred to the backrest from the pelvic body area and evenly distributed. This will make it less likely that the user’s spinal bones will wear out and get hurt in the long run.

5. Competence in Racing

A DXRacer racing chair is among the most expensive forms of gaming chairs. It has a tiller (steering wheel), a brake foot pedal, and an accelerator pedal to simulate the experience of driving a race car. 

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6. Quality Cushion

DXRacer gaming chairs have more cushioning, are more convenient to use, and last longer. Manufacturers use more components to provide durable and comfortable cushioning. This raises the expense of fabrication, which drives up the cost of the chair.

7. Cover Material

The most expensive material for a gaming chair cover is high-resilience leather or fabric. It lasts longer, is eye-catching, and is strong. DXRacer chairs are made of these materials. Other fabrics, like urethane, cost less but don’t last long.

8. Additional Features 

The cost of a DXRacer gaming chair increases as more functionalities are added. Among the most popular tech pieces that come with a chair are a Bluetooth speaker with a microphone, LEDs, and USB support. Some gaming chairs also have video game controllers built right in.

Our Verdict

We’ve provided an insightful and comprehensive answer to the question: Why are DXRacer Chairs so expensive? Remember, DXRacer produces excellent desk and gaming chairs. Since these chairs are made with your convenience and long-term wellbeing in mind, you can be confident that they are well worth the investment!