What Chair does Summit1G use?

This one is for the Summit1G’s fans and followers! A lot of them have been asking us to find out which chair does Summit1G use?

The quick Answer is Noblechairs HERO

But there is more than you should know.

Let us break down all the details about this chair so that you can make a decision if you really want to buy this chair or not.

Summit1g’s Chair: Noblechair HERO

noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair - Office Chair - Desk Chair - PU Faux Leather - Doom Edition

About the Brand NobleChair

Noblechair is a household name for gamers and streamers. Apart from HERO, the brand has two other classic chairs, ICON, and EPIC

However, HERO’s features are sure to leave you happy and comfortable. 

Strong Features of Noblechair Hero

Lightweight yet Strong Base

noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair - Office Chair - Desk Chair - PU Faux Leather - Doom Edition

If you have used a gaming chair before, you know that a chair is only as strong as its base. Fortunately, Noblechair remembered that while designing this unit. 

The chair has a strong but lightweight aluminum base. The base is made long-lasting with corrosion protection and powder coating.

Five nylon caster wheels are attached to the chair’s base, so rolling on both hardwood and carpeted floors are made easy. Each of the wheels is 60 millimeters and has a polyurethane coating. 

The chair can withstand weight up to 330 pounds. Class 4 gas supports its lift which enhances its safety. You can make multiple adjustments to the chair as per your comfort.

4D Armrests

As a professional gamer, surely you use your hands a lot. For a chair to support your arms, you need a high degree of comfort. HERO supports that with its 4D armrests.

The Polyurethane coated armrests are quite big, so you can comfortably rest both of your forearms and elbows and still have plenty of space left. The textured grip surface allows your arms to stay in one place even if they are sweaty from an intensive gaming session.

Broad Seat and Backrestnoblechairs Hero Gaming Chair - Office Chair - Desk Chair - PU Faux Leather - Doom Edition

In addition to the spacious armrests, the chair’s backrest is wider than an average gaming chair available in the market. 

Thanks to its vast and long backrest, you can lean into it, giving your spine a much-needed break it needs. Plus, the sizable seat surface is comfortable too.  

Leather Coating

noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair - Office Chair - Desk Chair - PU Faux Leather - Doom Edition

If you are a gamer more into PU than real leather, HERO is ideal for you. But that’s not all; you can customize the chair as you want. That means you can get this in leather or combine two materials if you wish. 

The superior quality of the chair will outshine in both cases. While PU leather coating is 1.5 millimeters thick, and the real leather is at 1.7 millimeters. So pick out an option that is going to be comfortable for your skin. Cleaning both the options is not a problem. Both are breathable through and through and are water-resistant.

Multiple Adjustments

There are tons of exciting features that this unit boasts.

The rocking mechanism, for instance, allows you to rock and tilt the whole chair with the seat! You can also tilt your backrest all the way up to 125 degrees.

Overall, this chair is perfect for catching a short break between games and streams. 

Ergonomic support

Not only is HERO feature-loaded, but it comes with great ergonomic support too. Starting with the backrest, it has in-built lumbar support. The manufacturer used a human spine-like S-shaped curvature to create the basic feel. This not only makes the backrest more comfortable but also improves the weight distribution. 

The memory foam padded headrest supports the head as well as the contour of the neck. The cold-cured foam padding throughout the chair offers a plush feeling making it easy for you to sit for long hours in it. 


noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair - Office Chair - Desk Chair - PU Faux Leather - Doom Edition

Aesthetically, this chair is exceptionally appealing. The company logo is sewn on the chair’s center, and there is also an embossed version right in the headrest. The manufacturer has used diamond-patterned stitching both on the headrest and backrest to keep everything nice and tight.

That is not all; you also have quite a few color options to pick from. Though the default color is black, the company can customize and develop different color combinations if you opt for PU leather. There is black & platinum, black & gold black & blue, and many other such exciting combinations. You can also check out the special edition chairs like DOOM and Fallout.

Noblechair HERO Cons

Even though Summit1g might be using this chair currently, it is not free of any drawbacks. 

For instance, some of the trims on the chair lacks finesse. A few of the users feel that it is a bit too firm for comfortable use. But again, comfort is a relative term and varies from one user to another. 

However, the advantages of the chair outweigh its cons. For instance, the design is tasteful; the ergonomics support is strong and comfortable and finally, using the chair is straightforward. You need not turn a lot of knobs and levers to get it to a comfortable position.

Is Noblechair’ s HERO ideal for you? 

Yes, Summit1G uses this chair but is it ideal for me, is the question you need to ask yourself before you invest in this chair. 

It is indeed a great chair, but it may not be suitable for everyone. But again, if you are looking for an ace gaming chair that doubles as a professional chair, allowing you to switch between work and play, this is your pick. 

The unit is quite sturdy and aesthetically appealing. Yes, indeed, it takes a bit of wearing in before you can get comfortable on it, but eventually, it works out as a good investment. Overall the chair justifies the price you pay for it, and your posture will surely thank you.

What Gaming Chair did Summit1G use before? 

Summit1g’s Former Chair: Secretlab TITAN

As a professional gamer, Summit1g has used a lot of chairs. Before the Noblechairs HERO, he used Secretlab TITAN, and prior to that, he used Maxnomic NEED for SEAT PRO, which appeared in his videos for five years. 

Let’s quickly jump into the features of Secretlab TITAN. 

Secretlab TITAN Features


Like many gaming chairs, you need to assemble this unit yourself before you can use it. All the components arrive neatly wrapped in foam packets and sheets. It also includes its toolkit along with a pictorial manual for setting up the unit. It takes roughly about 20 minutes to set up. 

Pro tip: Assemble it in a room with moving space.


You can adjust the seat height of this chair up to 4 inches. You can choose to lock the tilt feature in one place or allow it to move about in a free-rocking style. Thankfully, this chair comes with adjustable lumbar support to keep you comfortable. You can also tilt the back of the chair from an upright 90 degrees to a tilt position. 

Lookwise, the chair has a classic racing style design, slightly curved at the side. But it’s not a bucket-style seat, which restricts movement.


Once the unit is set up, it feels stable and durable. The chair’s armrests are made more robust with a metal base and concave padding on the top. You can move them in any direction you want as per the flow of your game.

Drawbacks of Secretlab TITAN

Unlike the Noblechairs HERO, Secretlab TITAN does not have a lot of padding on the seat. This is probably the reason Summit1g replaced it so soon. As a professional gamer, you need to be comfortable in your seat. Otherwise, it is going to be painful to stay on it for such long hours. 

The tilt positioning of Secretlab TITAN is not comfortable. If you stay in the upright position for too long, your tailbone may start to ache, a problem that Noblechairs HERO has dealt with well. 

A few users have also questioned the durability of Secretlab TITAN, which should be a matter of concern, especially when spending a large sum on a chair. 


You can surely trust Summit1g’s choice of a gaming chair. He is in the industry for a long time and will definitely not buy a chair that does not feel comfortable. 

So, if you are looking for a new chair for your console, Noblechair HERO is the best to opt for.

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