What Chair Does RiceGum Use

What Chair Does RiceGum Use?

What chair does Ricegum use? He uses Ikea Markus, an affordable chair designed to provide superior comfort and support when gaming or doing office chores.

The Ikea Markus comes with a generously padded seat and headrest, a breathable backrest, and a rugged construction.

Though the chair won RiceGum’s heart, its design is subject to debate. Many people feel that it is too simple to provide the first-rate ergonomics, durability, and comfort it promises.

That is why we have examined its top features to help you gauge if it would be an excellent deal for you.

Who is RiceGum: A Background

Officially known as Bryan Quang Le, RiceGum is a respected Twitch Streamer, rapper, and YouTuber. He started as a Ricegum in 2012. During that time, Le posted simple videos demonstrating his skill in playing the video game Call of Duty. 

RiceGum grew into fame in 2017 when he started uploading controversial diss tracks and feuds with other stars. One of his diss tracks got a spot on the Billboard Hot 100, an achievement that made him a trendsetter.

Followers who regard him as a role model always look to discover the type of computer, seat, camera, microphone, and headset he uses. If you are particularly interested in knowing the intricate details of his chair and its performance, you are in the right place.

What Chair does RiceGum use – Ikea Markus

YouTubing, rapping, and Twitch streaming involve some time sitting. One has to settle down to create captivating content, edit videos, and catch up with online followers. You will likely experience back pain, fatigue, and bad posture without a good chair.

Therefore, we believe that RiceGum must have taken time to gauge Ikea Markus‘ ergonomics, comfort, and durability before buying. Many stars mind their wellness just as they do about their content. 

RiceGum is a testament that the chair is superb for your office or gaming room if you have doubted Ikea Markus. He could not have settled on this chair if it was flimsy and less supportive. 

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For over 75 years, Ikea has supplied high-quality home and office furnishings to millions of customers in the United States, Asia, Middle East, Oceania, North America, Africa, and Europe.

Ikea’s chairs stand out for one primary reason—they keep improving according to people’s ever-changing needs. The chairs provide first-rate support to the spine, lower back, neck, and head. 

With a good chair from Ikea, users will not be left nursing bad posture and body pain after a long day sitting. Ikea’s chairs are not just supportive, but they are durable, sustainable, affordable, and stylish.

RiceGum’s Chair: The Ikea Markus Review

Though classified as a mid-budget chair, the Ikea Markus competes with pricier gaming and office chairs in comfort, support, and build quality. It uses a blend of padding, ergonomic design, and breathability to provide one-of-a-kind comfort.

Ikea’s technicians made it for users who spend several hours gaming or doing office chores. Some of the most noticeable features which set Ikea Markus on top of the competition include:

Excellent Build Quality

Ikea Markus boasts a simplistic design, typical in most Ikea chairs. It eliminates unnecessary features that add little or no value to the chair’s comfort, aesthetics, and ergonomics. The simple design uses resources responsibly and minimizes the carbon print left behind by this chair. It is a great pick for people who are mindful of the environment. 

With a frame made from steel and aluminum, the Ikea Markus Chair will outlast heavy use and abuse for years. It is not something that will break down after a few uses. The frame can accommodate users weighing up to 252 pounds without issue. A 10-year warranty backs it to cover you against manufacturing defects. 

Besides the frame, Ikea Markus uses high-density foam to maintain its structure and comfort even after several uses. The foam is covered by 100% polyester, a fabric that is resistant to wrinkles, easy to clean, and durable. Other variations are made of leather, an equally durable material. 

Ikea Markus has a wheeled base that lets you move the chair around when you want to relocate it or clean your workstation. A pressure-sensitive brake system on this chair locks casters when you stand up and releases them when you sit. The braking system prevents accidental moving. 

Reasonable Support and Comfort

Though modest in design, this chair does what it is supposed to do efficiently. It features high back support, which provides optimal support from the head to the lower back. The high backrest curves according to the spine to promote a better seating position. You will not struggle to maintain an upright posture while using this chair. 

This office chair from Ikea has a padded headrest to support your head, a lumbar pillow to support your lower back, and a generously cushioned seat that minimizes pressure on hips, tailbone, and hips. As well, the chair has armrests to support your hands and arms. Ikea Markus’ meshed backrest will keep you cool during those hot afternoons when you need to sit for extended hours working on a computer. 

Like many multipurpose chairs, the Ikea Marcus swivels 360 degrees to save you from twisting awkwardly. Besides swiveling, the chair reclines to let you assume your most comfortable position when working or taking a breather off your chores. 

Although the chair provides reasonable comfort, it has a few drawbacks. The headrest and lumbar pillow are fixed. So, short and tall people might feel quite uncomfortable since the supports might not align with their bodies. Furthermore, some users find the armrests less comfortable because they are not adjustable.

Easy Assembly

Ikea Markus seat, start base, casters, pneumatic system, and back support come as separate parts to assemble before use. Many users who have assembled it claim that the process is quite straightforward. It takes 15 minutes to set it up, and anyone can do it.

To assemble the chair, you must attach the casters and the pneumatic system to the star base. Afterward, you will need to connect the base to the seat’s bottom, and the mesh back support to the seat’s back. Finish the assembly process by screwing the left and right armrests to the seat’s sides.

Ikea Markus comes with a labeled user manual to guide you through the assembly process. The manual uses illustrations to make the process easy to follow for professionals and amateurs alike.

Ergonomic Adjustments

The Ikea Markus chair comes with a couple of ergonomic adjustments to enhance your convenience. Some of those adjustments found on this chair include the pneumatic system, which increases the seat’s height from 18.11 to 22.44 inches.

With the height adjustments, Ikea Markus will comfortably accommodate users ranging from 5′ 7″ to 6′ 11′. 

Besides the seat height, you can adjust this chair’s recline to your most comfortable position. A tension knob on the chair lets you lock the chair at an ideal recline angle. The knob will save you from adjusting the recline angle every time you wish to use this chair. 

The seat’s adjustment levers are located just under the seat for easy accessibility. You can access them while seated. 

Ikea Markus vs Matchspel

Matchspel Key Highlights

  • Adjustable headrest and armrests
  • Wheeled base
  • Three-year warranty
  • Adjustable, lockable tilt
  • High back mesh support
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Adjustable seat height
  • High-density foam padding
  • Pressure-sensitive brake for casters


Ikea Matchspel falls in the same price range as its sibling Ikea Markus. The two chairs from Ikea have several similarities in design and ergonomics.

They all have a meshed high back, metallic frame, headrest, armrests, and arm support. None is superior to the other. 

However, the two chairs have a couple of differences you would want to consider when determining their value. Matchspel’s headrest and armrests are adjustable, making it great for short and tall users. Ikea Markus’ head and armrests are not adjustable. 

On the other hand, Ikea Markus’ head and lumbar supports are padded. It offers optimal support to users whose height conforms with the fixed head and lumbar supports. 


Both Ikea Matchspel and Ikea Markus have great reviews regarding comfort. Both chairs have a meshed back which keeps your body cool on those warm days when you have to sit for prolonged hours working on a computer or gaming.  

Ikea Markus and Matchspel have a padded seat that offers superior comfort to the tailbone, hips, and spine. The chair comes with a padded lumbar pillow to support your lower back, and the headrest supports your head and neck. They are great for people who sit for extended hours. 

Though both chairs have similar features, they have a few differences in comfort. Ikea Matchspel’s headrest and armrests can be adjusted to align to your body height, while Ikea Markus’s armrest and headrest are fixed.


Ikea’s engineers built the frame and base of Ikea Markus and Matchspel from steel and aluminum. The two metals have excellent resistance to corrosion occasioning from exposure to elements. The aluminum and steel frame will hold up well even when subjected to heavy use. 

The chair’s plastic parts are made from polyethylene and polypropylene, the padding is made from polyurethane foam, and the seat is covered with 100% polyester. The foam, fabric cover, and plastic parts have good durability. 

Ikea Markus vs Steelcase Leap

Steelcase Leap Highlights

  • Back mesh
  • Wheeled base
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable lumbar
  • Flexor system backrest
  • Adjustable seat height


Though more expensive than Ikea Markus,  SteelCase Leap is worth the high price tag. This gaming chair has several great features you would not find in Ikea Markus. It has adjustable lumbar support and armrests to adjust the chair to match your specific comfort preferences. 

Also, this chair uses the groundbreaking flexor system, which provides maximum support to your entire spine. Using it will save you from the issues associated with using cheap chairs that offer minimal back support. Overall, this chair provides better ergonomics and support than Ikea Markus. 


With respect to comfort, Steelcase Leap is more comfortable than Ikea Markus. The chair has an adjustable armrest, lumbar support, and seat. These ergonomic features will give you the freedom to adjust the seat according to your unique body. Its competitor, Ikea Markus, can feel slightly uncomfortable to tall or short people since its lumbar support and armrest are not adjustable.

The Steelcase Leap chair uses the groundbreaking flexor system, which provides optimum support to the spine. It distributes your weight evenly to avoid burdening your shoulders, neck, tailbone and lower back.


Ikea Markus and Steelcase Leap are all durable. Both chairs are designed from rugged parts that can endure heavy use and random abuse for a long. However, the Steelcase Leap could be more durable since it accommodates users weighing up to 400 pounds without a problem.

Ikea Markus vs Staples Hyken

Staples Hyken Highlights

  • Breathable mesh back
  • Height adjustable armrests
  • Integrated lumbar support
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Padded seat
  • Recline lock
  • Headrest


Staples Hyken is slightly more expensive than Ikea Markus. Ikea Markus and Staples Hyken offer a reasonable value for money despite the price difference. Both chairs have padded lumbar support and headrest to provide optimal spinal support, a mesh backrest to keep you cool, and an adjustable seat height to enhance your comfort while working around your desk. 

Nonetheless, Ikea Markus has a few bells and whistles missing on Staples Hyken. The head and lumbar supports are padded, while Staples Hyken’s lumbar and head support aren’t. 


While both office chairs are comfortable, the Ikea Marcus takes the upper hand for many good reasons. This chair has a padded headrest that supports the head and a padded lumbar pillow that supports the lower back. Staples Hyken’s lumbar support and headrest are not padded.

Nonetheless, Staples Hyken is not a bad deal in terms of comfort. Its height-adjustable armrests take the load off your shoulders and upper back. You can adjust the seat’s height to match the height of your desk and body.


With a weight rating of 275 pounds, Staples Hyken’s frame seems slightly more durable than Ikea Markus, which has a weight limit of 252. Nonetheless, both chairs use high-density foam, rugged fabric, and sturdy plastic parts that can last for a reasonable period, provided that you use the chairs within limits.

We have also done a full review of Staples Hyken chair that you can read here.


What chair does RiceGum Use? The renowned YouTuber cum Twitch Streamer uses Ikea Marcus, a budget price chair designed to provide excellent comfort and support. The chair’s generously padded headrest, lumbar pillow, and seat give the comfort you need to work for extended hours, while the meshed high back helps you maintain a healthy posture.

You can adjust the seat’s height and tilt to your most comfortable position. You will not go wrong buying this chair if you are on a budget.