Vartan Gaming Chair Review

Vartan Gaming Chair Review

You must be wondering who is the manufacturer of the Vartan Gaming Chair.

Well the quick answer is Staples.

The company was established in 1986, and apart from the other product lines, Staples is heavily invested in gaming chairs. 

One of its latest products in the market is the STAPLES 24326200, popular for its comfort and support. Many users feel it’s a game-changer in the industry, and thus, in this article, we will discuss the various details of the same.

An ideal gaming chair should give your back all the support and comfort it needs; that’s why the Vartan gaming chair manufacturer puts a lot of thought into the unit’s design and making.

The STAPLES 24326200 will provide your back with the perfect sitting posture, thereby preventing you from pain and fatigue.

Besides support, a few other features make STAPLES 24326200 stand out in the crowd, and we have listed a few of them below. 

Build material and quality

STAPLES 24326200 Vartan Gaming Chair exhibits excellent built quality. Not only is the chair long-lasting, but it also remains soft and comfortable with constant use. 

The unit’s steel frame is super sturdy and can hold a robust player easily without giving away. Additionally, it has a five-star aluminum base coupled with premium quality caster wheels, as this it can move on almost any surface.

Thanks to its super strong hold and built Vartan gaming chair weight limit is on the higher side, making this unit ideal for larger players. 

STAPLES 24326200 chair’s built quality is further redefined by the kind of material used in its cushioning. The high-density foam padding is soft and provides the ideal support for long hours. Finally, the seat and the backrest have a firm leather bonded upholstery that is soft to touch.


This is one feature without which a gaming chair is incomplete. If the chair does not support in all the right places, concentrating on the game becomes impossible. Fortunately, Staples have put a lot of thought into the ergonomics of their 24326200 unit. The chair has a racer-style design with excellent back support. Thanks to its bucket-style seat, you can sit on it comfortably for long hours. It also aids in smoother blood flow which is an added advantage. 

A robust headrest and a lumbar pillow are included with the unit, which furthers the ergonomic support. 


A gaming chair’s armrests are never to be ignored. If your arms are well rested on the armrest, you will feel comfortable and have a quick reaction time. That sort of reflex action has a huge role to play in determining your winning chances.

Thankfully the manufacturers of STAPLES 24326200 have factored that in. Thus they have installed adjustable and customizable armrests to provide all the support to your wrists.

You can adjust the armrests any way you want, vertically, horizontally, laterally, and on a pivot. The exact amount of liberty is provided to robust players as well. 

Highly adjustable features

In addition to the features mentioned above, the STAPLES 24326200 has other additional adjustable features to help players enjoy their gaming experience. For instance, you can adjust the height of the chair to have perfect eye-to-screen alignment. 

You also have the option to adjust your lumbar support pillow and your headrest. Get all the support your need on your pain points by either moving upwards or downwards. This is sure to reduce any stress and resulting pain in your lower spine or neck region. 

The ability to recline the gaming chair, especially after a lengthy gaming session, provides the ultimate relaxation. STAPLES 24326200 allows reclining up to 135 degrees, providing you the maximum support and comfort. Now you can position your backrest to a nearly flat angle and relax those muscles before you can start your next game in full power!

Using the tilt lock and tilt tension mechanism, you can get your chair in the rocking function when you need rest. 


A gaming chair’s dimension determines the comfort and feel of the unit. The chair features the dimension of 53.8″ H x 29.2″ W x 27.6″ D; overall, it is 49.9″. The seat measurements are 20.8″ W x 17.8,” and the back is about 34.0″ H x 19.4″ W.

Going by its dimension, especially the width of the back, the chair can easily support you from the waist up, giving the proper protection to your spinal cord. You can also adjust the seat height between 18.3″ to 22.1″ so that you can sit comfortably and be at an eye level with your screen. 

Premium quality upholstery

STAPLES 24326200 Vartan gaming chair features a bonded leather upholstery, a mix of natural leather, and synthetic materials. Scraps sod genuine leather are added to fibrous sheets to get this material. The best part about this upholstery type is its breathability. You can sit on the chair for long hours without being sweaty and uncomfortable. The PU of the chair is waterproof and is very easy to clean. All you need is a wet cloth to clean the same. 

Who should buy STAPLES 24326200 Vartan Gaming Chair?

As the name suggests, the chair is directed towards ardent professional and casual players who spend a lot of time gaming. However, it has been noted that gaming chairs are also suitable for office use. So, you can use STAPLES 24326200 while working. Plus, setting it up is easy as well. 

Steps to assemble STAPLES 24326200 chair:

Though the unit includes an instruction manual with easy-to-follow pictorial instructions, here is a quick overview of the process. 

For the initial steps (1-3), you have to work on the chair’s base. Begin by unfolding the base legs and then insert the wheels in the correct slots. Ensure that they are secure and in place. 

Following this, insert the gas lift and install the cover on top. 

Through steps 4-6, concentrate on the chair’s seat. After making sure all is set with the seat’s front, turn the seat over and use an Allen wrench to attach the seat plate with four screws. Attach the armrests facing you so that they are on their right side once you flip the seat. You will require eight screws to set up the armrests. Finally, on the sixth step, insert the seat to the base by inserting the gas cylinder in the hole of the seat’s base. 

Steps 7- 10 deal with the seat and attaching the backrest along with a few final adjustments. Take the backrest and place it so that the backrest brackets touch the holes on the seat’s base. Use an Allen screw to attach the backrest with six screws. 

In the final steps, add the covers to hide the insides of the chair. Be careful to protect yourself from the sharp edges. Slide in the lumbar support and the headrest cushion and clip them in position. 

Overall, setting you the chair is simple and is made easier thanks to the instructions included. 


STAPLES 24326200 has quite a few commendable features, some of which are:

  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Superior quality bonded leather upholstery
  • Ideal for medium-sized to robust players
  • The chair features an excellent built quality
  • Several customizable features are included 


  • Some users feel that bonded leather is not long-lasting

The detailed review of STAPLES 24326200 should help you make your call. It is made out of premium quality materials and has a sturdy built frame that is highly durable. In case you have to change any parts with new ones finding Vartan gaming chair replacement parts is not difficult either. 

STAPLES 24326200 also features a racing-style ergonomics design, making it very comfortable for players to sit on it and play for long hours. You can use multiple adjustable features to enhance your gaming experience as well. Overall the product meets all the benchmarks of an excellent gaming chair and will provide you the comfort you need to improve your gaming experience.