Steelcase Amia Vs. Leap – Which is Better for You?

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Steelcase Amia vs Leap

Best known for its outstanding designs, Steelcase is the go-to company for everyone who wants to buy an ergonomic office chair. And the long debate of Steelcase Amia vs. Steelcase Leap never seems to end. With both having certain distinguishing features, it’s hard to decide which is better.

This is the reason why we have undertaken the huge responsibility of performing detailed research to help you decide which among the two is better for you. This article is dedicated to bringing you a comparative study of the features of both the chairs so that when you choose one, you can make an informed choice.

Now, without further ado, let’s begin!

The most significant advantage of Steelcase chairs is that the high-end ergonomic chairs provide all the mandatory features that a chair needs to ensure comfort within an affordable price range.

Most importantly, Steelcase doesn’t compromise on the quality of its products – something that makes its buyers trust the brand blindly.

So let’s dig into the two best chairs of this brand, Amia and Leap.

Comparison of Steelcase Amia vs Steelcase Leap – Head to Head

Steelcase Amia Steelcase Leap
Steelcase Amia offers its comfort through its brilliant adjustability features with its adjustable arms, seat depth and seat height. Steelcase Leap earns its incredible popularity from all the exclusive features that it offers under adjustability.  
Steelcase Amia comes with adjustable arms that can be adjusted in four directions—height, weight, depth, and pivot. This feature offers users the comfort of choosing their own perfect alignment position to support their arms, wrist, neck, and shoulders. Like Steelcase Amia, Steelcase Leap also comes with adjustable arms in four different directions—height, width, depth, and pivot—to provide maximum support to the arm, wrist, shoulder, and neck.
Seat Depth
Users can also adjust the seat depth of the Steelcase Amia just by lifting the lever and sliding the seat. This is an essential feature for long-time comfort as it helps the user accommodate the length of their legs and body shape with greater ease. Long-term comfort requires one to have a comfortable fit for their legs and torso. This feature offers the liberty to adjust the seat depth to provide greater comfort to the legs and the body shape.
Seat Height
Amia knows how the perfect seat height can bring greater comfort, and hence it makes adjusting its seat height as easy as moving a lever.The seat height of Steelcase Leap chairs can also be adjusted by just a pull of a lever to suit the purpose of the users.
Seat Edge
Along with all these easy adjustments comes the comfort of flexibility. Steelcase Amia is so designed to offer its users the flexibility of its seat. The seat edge automatically flexes as one reclines or leans forward to relieve pressure on the back of their legs.This feature allows the Steelcase Leap chairs to automatically flex the seat edges when the user reclines or leans forward. A flexible seat edge relieves pressure and provides for greater comfort.
Adjustable Lumbar
This feature is unique to Steelcase Leap chairs designed to fit into the lower back curve to provide additional back support. Leap lacks this feature
Backrest Lock
Steelcase Amia employs the back lock feature to provide its user the best comfort of changing their sitting position as they spend the day on the chair. Back lock enables one to choose the position they want just by flipping the lever. Flipping the lever down will lock the backrest at an upright position, while flipping it will unlock the full-range motion.Steelcase Leap lacks this feature. Although it allows the user to change their position, there is no way to lock the chair in that particular position.
Backrest Tension
Steelcase Amia offers its users the liberty to set the exact amount of resistance that they want while reclining. But it offers only two options to choose from: No Recline and Full Range of Motion.The Variable Back Stop feature of the Steelcase Leap allows the user to choose from five different positions. The five recline levels that help one to set the exact angle of recline for the best support. 
While both the chairs employ tension reclines for greater comfort, Amia lacks the Natural Glide Technology found in the Leap.
Steelcase Amia, however, doesn’t have the advanced feature of Natural Glide System but uses the standard synchro-tilt technology. In this method, if the user reclines back, the seat is kept in the same position instead of leaning forward.
The natural glide system in Leap is designed to encourage varied postures while staying focused at work. This feature enables the seat to glide forward as one reclines, allowing them to stay visually oriented and physically accessible to the work at hand. Needless to say, this feature offers to reduce the static load on the spine. Plus, it also lets the user stay close to their office desk even when they are in their resting position. This sure is an added comfort.
The backrest of Amia is traditional shell-like, whose lumber adjustment rests inside the chair. But the Leap employs a more breathable design that has more vents to allow good air circulation.Another distinguishing feature of Leap’s backrest is its Lower Back Firmness that allows users can control the firmness and flexibility of the lower back support.

The lower back part of the Leap is fitted with high-density foam to ensure greater comfort. And based on their sitting preferences, the user can control the firmness of the lower back, to maintain their lower spine's natural curve, with a control dial.

And since the top flex part is separated from the lower back, the upper backrest remains flexible and supportive even when the user adjusts the lower back.
Overall Comfort
Steelcase Amia employs LiveLumber Technology, that offers the most outstanding comfort to its users.

This feature is specially designed to allow the backrest to flex and support the spine as one move while sitting.

The technology adopts a special lumber adjustment to tailor to the curve of the lower back. The user can turn the handles on the backrest to adjust the LiveLumber to their desired position.
Steelcase Leap employs LiveBack Technology for its design that enables the chair to change shape to support the entire spine as one changes the posture.

This feature helps reduce humped posture and hence reducing the stress on the spine and spine ligaments.

Moreover, its Thermal Comfort feature is committed to offering utmost comfort by making the chair surprisingly breathable.

Under this feature, the backrest is fitted with special foam and slats that assure maximum airflow with a technology that balances the heat and moisture. Thus, Steelcase Leap steals the show in comfortability as it assures to offer its best to its users in this respect.
Both Steelcase Amia and Steelcase Leap come with the dimension of 19 inches seat width and 18 inches back width. This chair can support an average weight of 400 pounds. 

Steelcase chooses not to compromise on the sturdiness of its chairs which are well-built to support a considerable amount of weight.

There is no doubt that Steelcase builds chairs of the perfect size to support a tremendous amount of weight.

So, with respect to size, it’s a tie between Steelcase Amia and Leap.
Steelcase Amia and Leap again suffers a Tie with respect to their warranty!

With a manufacturer warranty of 12 years, both the chairs are long-lasting. And for most of the customers, they had lasted years after the warranty period was over.
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Real-Time Reviews / Users’ Opinion

For judging any product properly, the end users’ opinion matters the most. So, here is what we found from the feedbacks of the users:

Steelcase Amia

Positive Reviews

  • Both the chairs are comfortable, but many customers have experienced back pain relief after buying and using Steelcase Amia.
  • The seat cushion is much softer in Amia than in Leap.

Negative Reviews

  • Amia can be a little uncomfortable for a short-heighted person.

Steelcase Leap

Positive Reviews

  • Offers two unique features – Natural Glide System and Lower Back Firmness Control
  • For long hours of sitting in front of computer, Steelcase Leap works the best. 

Negative Reviews

  • Steelcase Leap sometimes suffers from some technical issues with the adjustments, but they are often quite fixable. It takes a little while to find the perfect adjustments to suit your needs, but once you adjust it, it’s a perfect fit.
  • It isn’t quite comfortable for a fat person.
  • Few minor noise issues: It makes a clicking sound when the user leans back. Also, the armrests squeak when they move. However, these issues are fixable with the help of some grease.

Steelcase Amia vs. Leap: Which Chair Steals the Show?

As it turns out, both Steelcase Amia and Leap top the list of comfortable ergonomic office chairs. Both of them are high-quality, sturdy, spacious, and have some exclusive features distinguished from the other office chairs available. Both of them are committed to bringing greater comfort to the users as they work hard on their office desks.

But the major difference between them is that Amia lacks two features—Natural Glide System and Lower Back Firmness Control—found in Leap. But those two features in Leap come with a price that ranges higher than most office chairs.

Also, the Leap has a trendy look, while Amia has a simplistic office chair appearance. Other than that, the two chairs are more or less similar. 

Now, it’s totally up to you to decide whether this is a make or break deal. If you like to play with adjusting the firmness or want your seat to move forward while you recline, and have a comfortable budget, you should go for the Leap.

If you are looking for budget-friendly chairs, and can do without those two comfort features, Amia can be the best choice for you.

Still, a healthy reminder before we go: both the chairs come with a 12 years warranty. So, no matter whichever model you choose to buy, it will always be a worthy investment.

So, choose what seems perfect for you and make your work life a little more comfortable.

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