La-Z-Boy Recliners vs Lane

La-Z-Boy Recliners vs Lane

La-Z-Boy Recliners vs Lane? If you are in the market for a comfortable and quality recliner for your living room, you may well consider shopping from La-Z-Boy or Lane for your product. 

Choosing between the two products may not be a straightforward choice as both products are of excellent quality, have excellent features and both companies are quite reputable in the furniture industry.  

Lane as a company is known for products of medium quality and therefore, priced more reasonably. 

Starting out as manufacturers of cedar chests, they moved to make other types of furniture and now, they are mostly known for their recliners.

La-Z-Boy company was founded almost a hundred years ago.  They are the original inventors of the La-Z-Boy, almost a synonym for recliners. 

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Their products are top of the range and therefore, they are also the most expensive when it comes to their recliners.

In order to compare these two products effectively, we will look at the following features:

Table of Contents

  La-Z-Boy Lane
Company track record Since 1929 Since 1912, recliners since 1970
Structural integrity Unibox frame Engineered lumber, mortise and tenon joints
Innovation and ergonomics Superior ergonomics Excellent ergonomics
Recline mechanism Superior Excellent
Materials and cushioning High standard High standard
Variety Great variety Great variety

Breaking it down

Not comparing specific models to each other, we will be comparing general practices followed by both companies that feed into the quality and final product sold by La-Z-Boy and Lane

The focus will be on their recliners, as both companies manufacture a wide range of additional furniture. 

Each aspect will be described and if possible, a winner per category will be selected, featuring some pros and cons and in the end, making the final verdict to choose between the two product lines a little clearer.

Company track record

When measuring two product lines against each other, the track record of the company will come into play. 

A company that can stand the test of time is always a good indication of quality and trustworthiness. 

The La-Z-Boy brand was patented in 1929 and remains one of the most recognized brands in the furniture industry worldwide.

As inventors of the first wood-slate chair, the company continues to manufacture a high standard product and well-sought-after product.  

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Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver | Walnut | 4501-190 model
  • Partial assembly required | 100% Polyester
  • Recliner dimensions – 40” D x 44” W x 48” H | Weight – 166 lbs. | Weight limit – 500 lbs.
  • Covered in a rich leather looking suede with a plush hand
  • Comfort King Recliner mechanism with 7 gauge Steel, 2.2 hr. foam, and bolt on arms for added strength and durability

The company slogan “Live Life Comfortably” speaks for itself.

The Lane company has been around since 1912.  Lane started manufacturing recliners in 1970, giving them a solid 50 years plus of experience in this sector.

The product line developed from consumer demand for a high-quality recliner from a reputable company. 

The company aims to adhere to their mission statement to provide the “most comfortable seat in the house”.

Both companies have a strong track record for the manufacturing of furniture, but La-Z-Boy has the longest track record when it comes to the manufacturing of recliners.

Structural Integrity

For a chair that has constant movement, structural integrity is of the utmost importance. 

Movement can compromise the structure, therefore, design and engineering to minimise damage and ensure longevity are of the utmost importance.

This may be the single most important feature to evaluate in a recliner chair. 

The La-Z-Boy is constructed with a unibody box frame. The four-sided frame provides maximum strength and rigidity and reduces the stress on the mechanism, even when it is used daily.

Multi Plywood with a thickness of 18mm is used for extra durability and flexibility support.  In addition, only Radiata pine is used which is extremely strong as the trees are left to grow for 20 years as opposed to the standard 6 to 8 years for general pine.

All La-Z-Boys are hand-assembled, making the servicing of the chair hassle-free and cost-effective.  

Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner, Wood
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Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner, Wood
  • Dimensions: 40" D x 44" W x 48" H | Seat Width: 25" | Weight: 163 lb
  • Comfort King recliner mechanism with 7 gauge steel that is rated up to 500 pounds, 2.2 HR Foam, and bolt on arms for added strength and durability
  • Covered in a rich leather looking suede with a plush hand
  • Made in the USA with hardwood frames, mortise and tenon joints, and steel recliner mechanism for superior durability

A four-sided seat frame is inserted into the mainframe of the chair. 

It houses a mixture of helical and sinuous springs, reducing the stress placed on the seat when a person falls into the chair. The shape of the chair remains intact for long-lasting comfort.

La-Z-Boy is the only chair that can recline while the footrest is down and can also do the rock motion.

The dual locking footrest can only be released by a mechanism and not by down pressure.

Lane recliners are made from quality engineered lumber and are made with mortise and tenon joints. This makes the structure extremely strong.

An extra support block is added in the centre of the recliner that enhances stability.

A seat sheet is mounted on the bottom of the seat box, forming a barrier between the linkage of the mechanism and the seat core.  

An automated assembly process is used for the high carbon steel frame construction. 

8-gauge tempered steel is used during an ultrasonic welding process to optimally secure the seat structure.

The seat structure consists of individually pocketed active built-in coils, engineered with pre-loaded and stress relief 3.5 inch 15-gauge high tensile coil wires for superior comfort and consistent support.  

There are reinforced steel frames on the arms support in the Lane.

Although Lane has a sturdy frame, the La-Z-Boy frame is superior.

Innovation and ergonomics

Innovation refers to the continuous development of new technologies and the evolution of a product to meet the standard and consumer demands. 

These innovations are implemented to ensure that ergonomic features that often relate to comfort are upgraded and continue to make the product more user-friendly.

With the La-Z-Boy, the cushioning will be maintained while you recline. 

The lower back and tailbone are supported at all times.  The hinged seat and back offer ultimate support from head-to-heel, making it an excellent ergonomic chair.

The seat and footrests can be independently adjusted to multiple angles, namely 18 settings for the seat and 3 positions for the footrest

By simply shifting your weight, you can adjust the seat and footrest for customised comfort.

Lane innovation focuses on perfect pitch adjustment for individualized comfort. The zero gravity mechanism supports the back, neck and legs for stress reduction. 

Finally, the easy glide mechanism offers the benefits of unlimited reclining positions with a quiet operating system.

One of the main benefits of Lane recliners is that you will find relief from lower back pain as well as significant benefits in leg blood circulation.

Both chairs provide excellent ergonomics and innovation.

Lane Home Furnishings 4501-19 Torino Depths Rocker Recliner, Wood, Blue
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Lane Home Furnishings 4501-19 Torino Depths Rocker Recliner, Wood, Blue
  • Covered in a soft hand Chenille
  • Comfort King Recliner mechanism with 7 gauge Steel that is rated up to 500 pounds, 2.2 hr. foam, and bolt on arms for added strength and durability
  • Made in the USA with Hardwood frames, mortise and Tenon joints, and steel Recliner mechanism for superior durability
  • Ships with premium packaging to ensure this product arrives free from damage

Recline Mechanism

When a buyer is in the market for a recliner, it is obvious that the reclining mechanism should be one of the most important features to consider. 

There are few things more frustrating than the reclining mechanism being struck or having the struggle to change between the upright or reclining positions.

La-Z-Boy has a solid steel recliner mechanism that is able to withstand significant pressure.  This mechanism is tested to withstand 100 000 reclining cycles for a 300-pound potential user.  

The Lane Recliner mechanism is operated by a flip switch to open it up and the closure is hands-free by pushing back with the legs to the original position. 

Made of 9-gage tempered steel.  For the big and tall person, an even stronger 7-gage steel is used.

The La-Z-Boy recliner mechanism is superior.

Materials and cushioning

Quality materials often relate to quality products.

This includes the material used in the cushioning as well as the upholstery.

La-Z-Boy offers a range of fabric and leather upholstery covers, using premium-grade specialty fabrics to protect the furniture from wear and tear. 

You can even opt for pet-friendly fabric  if you are a pet lover.  Antimicrobial fabric protects the furniture against mould, mildew and odour-causing bacteria.

The three leather options are Authentic, Nubuck and Performance leather.

Contoured-cut polyurethane high-resilience foam is used in the seats, providing superior support and reducing tension on the pressure points.

Laser-cut foam is used in the armrests for extra comfort and durability. It does not compress or shift under pressure, looks fuller and has an extended lifespan.

Lane makes use of 2.5 high resilience soy-based and eco-friendly solid foam or plush venire conjugated fibre in the back of their chairs to provide comfortable seating.

Innovative C3 individually pocketed coil units designed with individually pocketed fabric encasings are  built into the core.

The foam is embedded in the coils and the fabric is encased.  The cushions conform to individual body contours. 

Lane makes use of resilient material  and the upholstery is fitted and hand-tailored for its quality lines and clear-edged corners.

Both La-Z-Boy and Lane make use of very sturdy materials.  This category results in a tie.


When considering buying a recliner, you will do well to determine your exact needs before you visit any store as the different styles of recliners as well as the variety in fabric choices will be overwhelming.

La-Z-Boy offers four main style collections, namely Classic Revisited, Modern Retreat, Family Favourite and Comfortable Casual. 

More than 250 different recliners are listed on their website with 238 fabric choices and 155 leather choices.

Lane offers a complete line of recliners, from transitional to contemporary to traditional.  There are more than 300 fashionable fabrics and 50 leather options to choose from, meeting and exceeding industry performance standards. 

Fabric goes through 6 extensive tests, including abrasion tests, dynamic seam fatigue and colour fastness.

It seems like La-Z-Boy offers the widest range of choice, although Lane is a close second in this category.

Pros and Cons

  Pro Con

The footrest does not drop when opened. The locking footrest prevents sagging. Backrest tension is easily adjustable.10-year limited warranty Design services are complimentary with every purchase. Some customers complain that the quality of products  deteriorated in the past 5 years. Foam deterioration and upholstery seam splits occur. La-Z-Boy is expensive.

Additional feature options like hidden storage, massage options and tray tables are available. Cheaper options are available. Limited lifetime warranty to first-hand consumers Smaller people may sink into the chairs. Chairs are relatively expensive.

La-Z-Boy remains a popular and well-known name in the recliner market.  Choosing from an extensive range, you can pay between $550 and $3400 for your recliner chair. 

Price variations are largely influenced by the recliner mechanism used. 

What sets the La-Z-Boy apart from competitors is its customization features that include design, upholstery, cushioning materials and frame finished.  

Lane is a pacesetter in the industry of recliner manufacturers.  Their recliners offer excellent comfort, quality and wearability. 

Choosing from hundreds of fabrics and leathers, buying a Lane can set you back between $500 and $1500 with features like massage cushioning, food eating tables and hidden storage space. Sturdy frames can hold up to 500 lbs of weight. This is a good, hassle-free option.

Final Verdict

Being the most well-known company and the pioneer of the recliner, it is no wonder that with its superior recliner mechanisms, a wide range of options and innovation and ergonomics included, La-Z-Boy reigns super. 

After drawing these comparisons between the La-Z-boy recliner range and the Lane recliner range, La-Z-Boy remains the industry choice for buying a long-lasting recliner, even if it is the more expensive choice.