Is it Bad to Have a Desk in Your Bedroom

Is it Bad to Have a Desk in Your Bedroom?

For many people living in homes where space is a luxury, the bedroom stands as the best place to set a desk for school, office, or professional activities. This is because the room is less cluttered, and it gets little traffic over the day. You can lock up yourself to avoid distractions when working.

Nevertheless, setting up a desk in the bedroom often elicits one primary concern.

It will make the bedroom look cluttered, which is against Feng Shui principals.

As a result, your bedroom will turn from a restful place to a stressful one.

You’ll find it hard to rest, sleep, or just relax in such a space. 

If you want to have a desk in your bedroom, but you are feeling reluctant, here are the bits of information you need to make up your mind.

Why Having a Desk in your Bedroom Could be bad

Having a desk in your bedroom will attract more clutter into the bedroom. If you are not disciplined, you will bring in your computer, files, receipts, teacups, and many other things that shouldn’t be in your bedroom.

In no time, your bedroom will be seriously cluttered.

In return, the clutter will over-stimulate the brain, visual, and olfactory senses. You will find it hard to get into that restful state that helps you relax and sleep. 

Apart from over-stimulating your brain, having a desk in your bedroom will mean transferring the stress of work into the space you are supposed to wind off from the busyness of life.

Instead of relaxing, you will be thinking of unfinished projects.

With these issues, it would be best to avoid having a desk in your bedroom. 

When Can You Have A Desk In Your Bedroom?

Though having a desk in your bedroom isn’t recommended, there are situations where you can hardly avoid it.

You can go ahead and have one in your bedroom just in case your home is cramped, and you badly need to have one for work or professional purposes. Bills have to be sorted…

Moreover, you can have a desk in your bedroom if you are an avid reader, with a culture of reading and writing down lessons learned for future reference.

In that case, having a desk in your bedroom will suffice.

You will need the desk and an ergonomic chair to stay comfortable while reading and writing.

To avoid the ‘bad’ energy resulting from a bedroom desk, organize the desk all the time.

Group related items together, minimize paperwork on the desk and clean up the desk after use.

That way, the desk will not appear cluttered. 

Moreover, you should avoid keeping anything unnecessary on the desk.

Some of the stuff to eliminate from this desk includes food, television, utensils, random garbage, unnecessary books, old makeup, clothes, old magazines, and piles of receipts. 

A less-cluttered, well-organized desk would have minimal impact on the quality of rest and sleep you get. 

Where to Set Your Desk in the Bedroom

The position you set your desk can create a difference in your bedroom’s feel and comfort.

For instance, when it is placed in the middle of your bedroom, your room will appear more crowded and stressful.

It will take away that ambiance needed to make you feel relaxed.

So where would you place your desk in your bedroom? Here are ideas.

Option#1 – Place it by your bedroom window

The place near your window is probably the most suitable place to set your desk.

It will let you enjoy outside views during those days you are seated at the desk making reports, doing computing tasks, and or gaming.

As well, placing your desk by the window will let you enjoy the full illumination of natural light. Experts claim that a well-illuminated desk improves mood and heightens productivity.

These are huge pluses if you work from home.

Then again, if you are an easy-to-destruct person, you’d want to find an alternative place for your desk.

This is because you will hardly concentrate on things that matter while enjoying the views outside.

Option#2 – Place the desk opposite your bed

Working in a bedroom needs serious self-control.

This is because you can easily get to bed when you feel the slightest fatigue.

For this reason, if you want to avoid the temptations, place the desk opposite your bed. 

The distance between your bed and your working desk will discourage you from getting back to bed when you should be at the desk working.

As well, the distance will create a distinction between your bed and the makeshift workplace. 

Option#3 – Place the desk in a corner facing a wall

You would need a corner desk if you would want to implement this.

corner desk

This is the best position for people who get distracted when they place the desk by a window and those who need to save some space within the bedroom.

Place in a corner, your bedroom will be out of the way, and your bedroom will not appear crowded.

If you intend to use the desk for the long term, you can customize the wall you are facing with good wallpaper, a color that enhances your positivity, and or motivation quotes to keep you going when working.

You can make the space more functional by installing corner shelves to hold your books, files, picture frames, decorative flowers, and other valuables you would need to keep within reach. 

Option#4 – Place the desk beside your bed

If your bedroom is not so spacious, and there is no other place to set your desk, placing it beside your bed would be a suitable option.

Since the desk will be near your bed, you’d want to make sure it does not destruct when sleeping.

Make sure the desk is at least two feet away from your bed. As well, the desk should be clutter-free always.

You can get a drawer or install floating shelves to help store papers, receipts, keys, stationery, and any other clutter that could have gone onto the desk. 

You can lift the desk’s ambiance using a table lamp, framed artwork, and stagger plants.

With excellent visual interest, the desk will appear like a decoration rather than an eyesore that reminds you of unfinished tasks waiting for you.

Hide the desk in a closet

It may sound impossible, but it is doable for people who have large closets in their bedrooms. 🙂

This option will help conceal your desk, thereby saving you from the stress and anxiety associated with setting a workplace in the space you should be winding off. 

You will not have to see the desk only when you want to use it. 

Since the space can be boring to work from, you would want to customize it with wallpaper to make it look warm and professional.

As well, you can install shelves in the space around to keep the books, paperwork, stationery, and other items needed to make your workstation complete.  

Take Away

So is it bad to have a desk in your bedroom?

It depends on the amount of space you have at home. If you have a spare room where you can set up the desk, use it instead of the bedroom.

That way, your bedroom will live to serve its purpose – providing a space where you can relax, sleep, and unwind without distractions.

However, if space is a premium in your home, don’t fret. Go ahead and have your desk in the bedroom.

Set it against a wall in a corner, place it in a closet, set it facing your window, or put it beside your bed.

To avoid distractions, make sure the desk is well organized and free of clutter.

Keep unnecessary files, receipts, makeup, electronics, and any other valuables in a drawer rather than on the desk. You can enhance the desk’s visual appeal using framed art, flowers, and photos. 

We hope the article helped you make a decision.