How to add a Headrest to Office Chair

How to add a headrest to office chair/

We all know the benefits and the comfort of a headrest in an office chair. But in case your chair does not comes with a headrest then how would you add a headrest to an office chair?

A headrest helps transform mid-back chairs into high-back models that are supposedly more comfortable and supportive.

As well, the third-party headrests serve as replacements for broken headrests. 

Unfortunately, many users are yet to enjoy the full benefits of these third-party accessories since they do not understand how to add the headrests to their office chairs without compromising ergonomics and support. 

I will walk you through the headrest installation process, step by step.

With the guide, you will save the bucks you could have wasted hiring a technician and the effort you could have spent fumbling to execute a less-familiar process.

Why would you need to add a Headrest to Office Chair?

If you are still wondering why you need to add a headrest to your chair, and yet it is not a standard feature in many ergonomic office chairs like Herman Miller Embody.

Well, here are some great reasons to help you understand the benefits of a headrest.

1. A Headrest for an office chair will help you sit upright

An office chair without a headrest is terrible for your posture.

It will force you to hunch forward.

Experts claim that hunching repeatedly will trigger neck pain, breathing difficulties, tension headaches, and other issues associated with bad posture

A headrest will provide a comfy surface to rest your head and maintain an upright posture throughout the day.

As a result, you will not be forced to hunch over in search of comfort during those long working days. 

2. It will improve your productivity

An office chair with a headrest and other supportive features like padded armrests and footrests can raise your performance by 10 percent.


It will distribute your body weight evenly to minimize pain and discomfort in your lower back, hips, knees, neck, and other parts exposed to excessive pressure.

With such support, you will not get exhausted while doing office chores. 

3. Adding a headrest to office chair will improve your quality of life

Reduced blood circulation, low back pain, knee pain, difficulty breathing, and other issues associated with using the wrong office chair can subject you to unwarranted suffering.

However, with an office chair fitted with a headrest, you will get the support needed to minimize the effects of prolonged sitting.

Your head, neck, shoulders, and lower back will never have to take excessive pressure during workdays. 

A Step by Step Guide for Adding a Headrest to Office Chair

1. Buy the Right Headrest for Your Office Chair

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The market has several headrests, and each has varying features.

Some are height adjustable, padded, or breathable.

Other third-party headrests are easy to install, and others are pretty complex. 

To minimize the chances of buying the wrong headrest for your office chair, use the following pointers to decide.

Get a headrest designed for your specific chair brand

Most headrests are made for specific brands of chairs. For instance, the Engineered Now headrest is designed for Herman Miller Aeron.

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It might not fit on other ergonomic office chairs.

Therefore, when looking for a headrest, get one created for the specific chair you own. 

The installation process will be more straightforward with such a headrest since it was created with the chair’s design in mind. 

Buy a universal headrest if you cannot find a specific one for your chair

universal headrest for office chair

At times, you might not find a headrest designed for the exact chair you own, especially if it is from a less-popular company.

In that case, search around for a universal headrest.

This type of headrest comes equipped with generic clips that attach to the bezel or backside of most office chairs. 

Buy Comfortable and fully adjustable Headrest

headrest for Herman Miller Aeron

Like chairs, third-party headrests come in multiple designs.

Some are made from a breathable mesh to keep you cool, and others are padded to enhance your comfort when taking a breather. 

Other headrests have an adjustable height and tilt, while others are non-adjustable.

Before settling on any headrest, make sure it fits your unique ergonomic and comfort preferences.

Attach the Headrest to your Office Chair

Most headrests will come with the installation brackets, i.e., bolts, screws, or clips.

Your part will entail getting the right tools for the job and attaching the headrest properly to your office chair. Most headrests will come with an installation manual to guide you. 

If you cannot find the manual, or the one you have is quite complex to comprehend, use the following ideas to add the headrest to your office chair with minimal struggle. 

Get the right tools for the job

To add an aftermarket headrest to an office chair, you need a screwdriver to fasten/loosen screws and an Allen wrench to grip and tighten the headrest’s nuts and bolts.

You might also need a twist drill bit to bore holes into the backrest’s plastic or metallic shell. 

Establish the correct headrest position

A headrest’s position will determine the comfort and support you get from your office chair.

When installed at the midpoint of your chair’s backrest, it will help you maintain an upright sitting position. 

If you place the headrest away from the backrest’s midpoint, you will not get the support and comfort you want.

You’ll be forced to shift awkwardly to access the headrest.

The inappropriate shifting will make you vulnerable to bad posture, reduced productivity, and low back pain. 

Remove the broken backrest

Third-party headrests are not designed for mid-back chairs only.

But, you can use these aftermarket parts to replace broken or worn-out headrests on your high-back chair.

So, if that’s the type of chair you have, you will have to remove the worn-out part before installing the new headrest. 

Use a wrench or screwdriver to remove the screws and bolts attaching to the broken headrest.

Keep the brackets safe since you will need them to secure the new aftermarket part. If the headrest is attached with C clamps or clips, use your screwdriver to pop it off.

Use C-clamps to clip the headrest onto the chair’s bezel

Clamping is the easiest method to add a headrest to an office chair.

It works best if your chair has a rugged plastic bezel at the backrest. Get two universal C-clamps, and place the aftermarket headrest in the correct position.

Then, clip the generic headrest to the bezel using the clamps. 

Screw the headrest onto the backrest

This is the most preferable method of adding a third-party headrest to your office chair.

Unlike C-clamps, screws will attach the headrest firmly onto the backrest.

That means the headrest will not feel wobbly when in use.

So, how do you screw the headrest to your chair?

Align the headrest to the proper position.

Mark the points that align with the headrest’s screw holes.

Use a spur point drill pit to punch holes into the parts you marked.

Get your screwdriver and long screws, and tighten the headrest onto the backrest. 

How to add a Headrest to Office Chair with an all-padded Backrest

Adding a headrest to an all-padded backrest to that found on gaming or executive chairs will be a pure DIY project.

What is the reason?

There are no generic aftermarket headrests designed for such chairs. 

But, if you still feel that adding a headrest to an executive chair would enhance your support, here are essential ideas to help you through the process.

Make a pillow of the right size

For this project, you will have to make a pillow that will serve as your headrest.

You can hire an expert to help you make one or shop around for a ready-made pillow that can serve the purpose. 

Nonetheless, if you trust your DIY skills, get a rotary cutter, scissors, stuffing tool, curved needle, suitable seat fabric, and stuffing material, and make a pillow for your chair.

The process will not take long since you’ll need a small rectangle-shaped pad.

Attach the pillow to your office chair’s backrest

Use a curved needle to attach it to your chair’s backrest.

The pillow should be at the top centermost part of the chair’s backrest.

The pad should be in a position to let your headrest on the pillow without straining. It should not be too low or high.

Takeaways – How to add a headrest to an office chair

A headrest is an integral part of an ergonomic office chair. It supports the head and neck, minimizing pressure on your upper back.

It improves your posture by preventing you from hunching and scrunching your shoulders.

If you have been missing out on these benefits simply because your chair is the mid-back type that lacks a headrest, don’t discard it.

Upgrade it with an excellent third-party headrests like Engineered Now or a makeshift head pillow.