How Much Should You Spend on a Gaming Chair?

How Much Should You Spend on a Gaming Chair

Are you unsure of the appropriate price to pay for a gaming chair? Every gamer should know the answer to this. Prices can differ greatly depending on your budget and your experience searching. While other premium brands have prices above $500, some lower-end manufacturers might sell chairs for as little as $100. 

When shopping for gaming chairs, you might discover that some vendors’ selection of inexpensive gaming seats is lacking in adjustability. Armrests on some models may only be adjustable in one direction, while lumbar support cushions may not be present on all models. You should know that defects like these are expected to affect the prices of gaming chairs. Read on to further understand how much is tight to spend on gaming chairs.

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S*MAX Gaming Chair with Wide Seat Ergonomic Computer Gamer Chair with 4D Armrest Creamy PU Leather Headrest and Lumbar Support Racing Style High Back Video Game Chairs for Adults Light Red
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What Factors Affect Gaming Chair Cost? 

It’s crucial to keep in mind that gaming seats are a significant improvement over traditional office chairs. They frequently offer a lot more features, like improved adjustability and a nicer appearance. The following are a few of the most frequent elements that frequently have a big impact on the cost of all gaming chairs: 

  • Material for Upholstery 

One of the main factors influencing the price of your gaming chair is its material, as was already discussed. Like with any other piece of furniture, the chair will likely be less expensive the lower the material quality. 

  • PU leather

PU (fake) leather is the typical option for the majority of affordable gaming seats. Less expensive PU leathers are typically less breathable and robust. With enhanced softness, breathability, and durability, premium versions more closely mimic genuine leather. 

  • Fabric that Breathes 

Another choice is gaming chairs covered in pure cloth. These are the softest, most breathable, and toughest faux leathers available. 

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YSSOA Gaming Office High Back Computer Adjustable Swivel Chair, with footrest,440lb Capacity
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  • [Comfortable Seat] Thick and high-density sponge cushion provides sufficient seat depth to reduce stress and pressure on your hips. The lumbar cushion and headrest pillow will protect and relax your...
  • [Retractable Footrest] With the retractable footrest,you can relieve tension on your legs and knees.
  • [Adjustable Chair] You can adjust the 3-inch height to sit with your feet flat on the floor, knees at an angle of 90 degrees to the floor and parallel to the hips. 360° free swivel seat help you find...
  • Mesh

Mesh is another fantastic choice. Mesh chairs don’t have cushioning to obstruct airflow as fabric chairs do. Full-mesh gaming seats are the most breathable ones available as a result. 

  • Size 

The cost of manufacturing a thing increases with its size. Consequently, you should prepare to pay more when purchasing gaming seats for large and tall gamers. 

  • Ergonomic Features

“Ergonomics” in the context of gaming chairs refers to a chair’s adjustability. The quality of a chair’s back support is specifically determined by “ergonomic” ones. 

The list of features a gaming chair has unquestionably has a significant impact on its price. Similar to your gaming setup, your chair will cost more money the more bells and whistles it has. Ergonomics is crucial if you spend a lot of time gaming. The last thing you want is to end up with neck and back pain by sitting at your workstation incorrectly. 

Better back support cannot be guaranteed by spending more money on fancier chair features. In fact, many esports doctors advocate for good work habits over a comfortable chair. Your chair will cost more the more ergonomic features it has. However, using a $1,000 chair incorrectly will cause back problems. However, using a $100 gaming chair properly will increase your energy levels and work effectiveness. 

How Much Should a Gaming Chair Cost? 

In case you missed it, inflation is out of control. Global shipping costs have also increased dramatically. As a result, many well-known brands of gaming chairs were compelled to increase their costs. Because of this, it is difficult to provide a reliable range for the price of gaming chairs. Given the state of the industry, we anticipate a further increase in prices in 2022. 

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Darkecho Gaming Office Chair with Footrest Massage Racing Ergonomic Leather Reclining Video Game Chair Adjustable Armrest High Back Gamer Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support Purple
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Currently, a decent mid-tier solution will run you $200 to $300. The best quality options now cost $450 and above and have 4D arms and superior upholstery. Higher-end models with incredible ergonomic technology are available for less than $600. There are affordable gaming seats available for under $200 if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Typically, they include classic racing-style aesthetics and straightforward customizable features (like 1D arms). 

Finding an Affordable Gaming Chair

You’ll need to know where to go when you decide it’s time to start looking for a new gaming chair. To help you select seats within your price range, let’s look over some of the most well-known retailers. 

Gaming chairs on Amazon and the marketplace for under $200 

Amazon is a huge marketplace with a huge selection of goods, especially for gamers. Additionally, they sell a range of gaming seats for less than $200, with some models going for as little as $100. 

Searching social marketplaces is a second way to find cheap gaming seats. If you can find a used chair, it can work perfectly and simply require a thorough cleaning. If you choose to pick up the chair from the seller’s home as opposed to having it delivered, you could even be able to purchase it for a lower price. Affordable chairs you’ll get include:

  • Cheap Gaming Chairs – Office Supply Shops 

Office supply stores are a great place to test out gaming chairs rather than buying them online. These stores have historically focused on selling generic office furniture, but they are now venturing into the gaming industry. 

  • Gaming chairs start at $74 

You may probably test out a variety of ergonomic seats under $400 in both stores. However, Wal-Mart and Staples both carry primarily budget-friendly devices. These don’t have the impressive features found in expensive Secretlab or Herman Miller models. 

The advantage is that office supply stores allow you to test seats in person, unlike Amazon. Finding the best value at the lowest cost is now simpler. Simply look around until you find something cosy and affordable. 

  • >$400 gaming chairs – Manufacturer Websites 

Going straight to manufacturers is the best choice for gamers searching for new seats. Although these sites have the most expensive goods, they also have the highest-quality goods. 

You’ll be aware of all the characteristics that the chairs have to offer and be able to customize them. As an illustration, some producers offer the option for gamers to have their gamer tags stitched onto their seats. 

Additionally, you might be able to construct your chairs by picking a precise backrest height and seat breadth. With these options accessible, you may create the ideal gaming chair that meets all of your requirements.

Is Purchasing A Gaming Chair Worth It? 

There are several factors to take into account when determining how much money to spend on a gaming chair. Gaming chairs come in a variety of styles, from ergonomics to high-end integrated technology. 

Comfty Reclining mesh Fabric Gaming Chair with Hinged Armrests, Black/Red
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Comfty Reclining mesh Fabric Gaming Chair with Hinged Armrests, Black/Red
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  • HINGED ARMRESTS: Moves back when you do to keep you supported at any angle. Armrests are padded for enhanced, long lasting comfort..EXCELLENT SUPPORT: Able to hold up to 264 lbs., our PC gaming chair...

With the aid of this manual, you ought to have a clearer understanding of what your spending limit ought to be before you start looking. If you choose a model that matches your gaming preferences and style, you’ll eventually realize it was all worthwhile. 

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is to look for a sturdy and comfortable chair. More important than having flashy high-tech features is the comfort you’ll experience from a well-built chair. Spending more will provide you with more luxury, nevertheless, assuming money is not an issue.