Best Varidesk Alternatives

Best Varidesk Alternatives

Best Varidesk Alternatives? Frequently, this query is received by product review companies, which is understandable considering the fact that several individuals search for “varidesk alternative” each month.

No other kind of brand available in the fitness sector receives this many alternative searches for a standing desk; in fact, very few companies receive any such volume. 

For three main reasons: 

  • Varidesk spends a lot more on intense advertising than other companies in our industry
  • Varidesk have prices that are incredibly high depending on what one gets
  • Thousands of users are tired of their stability, quality, alongside range-of-adjustment problems and want to significantly upgrade for something way better. 

Where to Start the Search for Substitutes for Varidesk 

In order to handle several thorough reviews on lab-testing out on the internet since Varidesk initially developed this exploding category in 2012/13. Dividing standing desk converters, also known as desktop risers or standing desk workstations, into categories, we get:

  • Z-Lift 
  • Fixed-height Desktop Riser with Electric X-Lift 
  • Bass-and-Post Hover 

The unique Z-Lift, where Varidesk resides, and the X-Lift are by far the two most popular categories (similar, but adequately lifting straight down and up rather than an the arc motion). 

What Are These Alternatives?

Every month, thousands of individuals look up “varidesk alternatives” online, and with positive reason. After being put through extensive testing in the lab, staff members or hundreds of converters offer their top picks as the best Varidesk alternatives exorbitantly priced and outdated line of product.

Fully’s Jarvis 

Fully Jarvis Standing Desk 60' x 27' Natural Bamboo Top - Electric Adjustable Desk Height from 25.5' to 50.7' with Memory Preset Controller (Rectangle, White Frame)
1 Reviews
Fully Jarvis Standing Desk 60" x 27" Natural Bamboo Top - Electric Adjustable Desk Height from 25.5" to 50.7" with Memory Preset Controller (Rectangle, White Frame)
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE: Award winning sit stand adjustable desk frame easily adjusts from 25.5" to 50.7" (including desktop) with 350 lb lifting capacity, fits people 5'4" to 7' tall

All fully standing desk products are of the highest caliber and are absolutely worth your consideration. The Cooper standing desk converter, another one of their products, has been thoroughly dissected by us, and many people consider the Jarvis to be the best height-adjustable desk now available. 

It has been established that the Jarvis and the Varidesk ProDesk 60 perform, therefore their primary difference in terms of features is undoubtedly their price. The following qualities make this product stand out as a top Varidesk substitute: 

  • Variable range 
  • Additional memory settings 
  • Several more choices 
  • Maximum lift No stabilizing bar 

The tremendous customizable range of the Jarvis is one of its outstanding qualities. This implies that practically all users, regardless of height, would be able to utilize it without experiencing any back or neck pain.

Similar to the ProDesk 60’s adjustable range of 25.5′′ to 50.5′′, the Jarvis has changeable settings from 24.25′′ to 50.25′′ (with a 1′′ desktop). 

All three of these items share the same feature on our list of the best height-adjustable standing desks, which you can see here. This feature is pre-programmable height settings. 

Every one of the top electric workstations has a headset option that enables you to establish a variety of different height levels. In contrast to the Varidesk’s three programmable settings, the Jarvis features four. 

On the Fully website, there are many options available when purchasing the Jarvis. You can change the desktop’s dimensions, shape, and material, as well as add better cable management, grommets, and drawers for storage.

On the other hand, the ProDesk 60 is a single item. All of the extras are included in the bundle and are only available in the 60″ model, therefore they cannot be subtracted from the purchase price. Compared to the Jarvis, which might vary in price depending on your needs, this has the advantage that the price you see is the final price. 

With a massive 350 lb lift capacity, the Jarvis offers one of the highest lift capacities of any standing desk. Although, it’s doubtable that many users will have 350 lbs of stuff to put on this desk, it is consoling to know that the motors are strong and reliable. 

Fully Jarvis Standing Desk 60" x 27" Dark Bamboo Top - Electric Adjustable Desk Height from 30" to 49" with Memory Preset Controller (Rectangle, White Frame)
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE: Award winning sit stand adjustable desk frame easily adjusts from 30" to 49" (including desktop) with 350 lb lifting capacity, fits people 5'10" to 6'9" tall
  • PROGRAMMABLE, FAST, QUIET, ELECTRIC LIFT: Easy to read handset with 4 customizable memory presets for quick 1.5" per second height adjustment with industry leading warranty.
  • QUALITY, DURABLE and SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: Our eco-friendly solid slab bamboo desktop is made sustainably, easy to clean and includes 2 desktop grommets to organize cords
  • STABLE STEEL BASE: Sturdy steel desk legs (not aluminum), won't wobble and provides side-to-side and front-to-back stability

The Varidesk also has a respectable lifting capacity, but at only 250 lbs, it is significantly less than the Jarvis. Varidesk has positioned a crossbar low down on the frame of this standing desk in order to produce a solid product.

Best Varidesk Alternatives? When utilizing the desk for other purposes, such seated work or treadmill desks, it really gets in the way. This is wonderful for its lateral stability and will make the product less unsteady. 

Some would claim that the crossbar on the Jarvis is not as stable as one that is lower down because it lies immediately under the surface.

Only at completely extended heights do individuals claim that the desk will start to wobble. Removing the low crossbar is, in our opinion, a benefit. There aren’t many complaints of instability with this product.

iMovR ZipLift 

In contrast to the Varidesk models, this desk converter is a series of many models, all of which have the following traits: 

  • More comfortable, with a tilting, ergonomic kind of keyboard tray built-in 
  • Greater range for height adjustment, allowing individuals who find the Varidesk unworkable to adjust their height up to 3″ 
  • Unlike other Varidesk models, which are shaky even at the highest height, this one has rock-solid stability. 
  • The Varidesk’s clumsy, clattery springs have been replaced with dependable, smooth, and completely silent struts for gas. 
  • Rather than having simply 10 detents, there are infinite desk height stops. 
  • Able to accommodate any monitor arm with a grommet mount or edge-clamp
  • Without the severe forward arcing type of motion which makes Varidesks unstable at a height, lifts more vertically. 
  • Includes an anti-fatigue mat right in the box as opposed to requiring a separate purchase of this crucial equipment. 

The ZipLift now comes in three models, and more are being created. The ZipLift+, with dimensions 35′′ wide and best for about two 24′′ monitors, is the most widely used option. The HD version, which has a stronger counterweight to carry heavier equipment, is 42′′ wide and ideal for dual 27′′ or bigger LCDs. 

Best Varidesk Alternatives? For clients who actually prefer to purchase American-produced goods or simply desire the finer 3D-laminated kinds of wood surfaces with this model, there is also a variant known as the ZipLift Patriot that is created in the United States. The ZipLift Corner Standing Desk Converter is a corner-desk type that will soon be available. 

Cadence Express

Best Varidesk Alternatives? The unique Cadence Express from iMovR’s hover range is essentially a huge display arm alongside a tray platform for the keyboard that is ideal in some circumstances. The solid stability of the Flexispot or ZipLift versions is what you give up using a hovering converter, but you can get your complete desktop anytime you need it in exchange.

Just set everything aside when one needs to view documents or perform any other non-computer-related tasks. 

Hover-style converters are most suited for jobs that demand managing lots of paperworks, like those in care administrations, billing departments, and government offices.


FLEXISPOT Standing Desk 48 x 30 Inches Height Adjustable Electric Sit Stand Home Office Desks Whole Piece Desk Board (Black Frame + Black top,2 Packages)
10,715 Reviews
FLEXISPOT Standing Desk 48 x 30 Inches Height Adjustable Electric Sit Stand Home Office Desks Whole Piece Desk Board (Black Frame + Black top,2 Packages)
  • WHOLE-PIECE Cozy & Ergonomic Workspace: Spacious 48” x 30” eco-friendly desktop offers a roomy setup for 2 monitors and a laptop so you can spread out and calmly take on the challenges of the...
  • Electric Height Adjustable Lift System:The motor lift mechanism offers smoother height adjustments, from 28" to 47.6"(without 1” thickness of table top included), at a speed of 1"/second with...
  • Solid Construction: An industrial-grade steel frame combined with a solid desktop allows for a 187 lbs weight capacity to support your ideal workspace setup.
  • Built For Work From Home:The perfect standing desk to allow independent and remote workers to stay active, healthy, and productive while working from home. Precisely adjust your desk to your height...

The Flexispot family of standing types of desk converters is our second-favorite product, easily outperforming other Varidesk models. In contrast to Varidesk models, all of their models display the following traits: 

Lifts in X-Lift sections instead move straight down and up toward the individual using it, as opposed to in an arc kind of path. Since the keyboard tray happens to be quite removable, using it with my laptop and zero external keyboard is excellent.

“Dropped” keyboard trays are lower than desk height, which is a little more comfortable for sitting while typing. 

This User assembly happens to be necessary, although it is far less expensive. The Flexispot Series (27′′/32′′) and original Flexispot Desk Converter, which includes the 35′′, 47′′ lifter, and 41′′ corner variants, are among the many models that Flexispot currently offers. 

The Flexispot has four-year warranty and also free shipping, just like the ZipLift. 


VIVO 32 inch Desk Converter, K Series, Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Riser, Dual Monitor and Laptop Workstation with Wide Keyboard Tray, Black, DESK-V000K
12,416 Reviews
VIVO 32 inch Desk Converter, K Series, Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Riser, Dual Monitor and Laptop Workstation with Wide Keyboard Tray, Black, DESK-V000K
  • Create Instant Active Standing - VIVO’s desk riser provides on-demand standing throughout the day for the freedom to get out of your chair and relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and increase...
  • Space Efficient 31.5" Surface - The top surface measures 31.5” x 15.7”, which maximizes space while still providing room for dual monitors. The 31.3" x 11.8" (10.5" in center) keyboard tray raises...
  • Strong 33 lbs Lift Assist - Go from sitting to standing in one smooth motion using the innovative simple touch height locking mechanism (Adjustment Range: 4.5" to 20"). Lift design elevates straight...
  • Very Minimal Assembly - This riser is almost ready to go right out of the box! Place on your existing desk, attach the keyboard tray, and start organizing your workstation.

Best Varidesk Alternatives? In terms of style and functionality, the VIVO Desk Laptop Converter is fairly comparable to the Varidesk, although it is far more affordable in our perspective. In addition to having extra ergonomic features that one really enjoys, it is a little bit smaller and more portable than the Laptop 30 Varidesk type. 

The primary qualities of the product that are appreciated include: 

  • Portability 
  • Ergonomic Wrist Curvature for Lifting 
  • Shockproof Spring\sPrice 

This is slightly heavier—about 1 lb—than the Laptop 30, but it has a much smaller overall footprint—24′′ x 16.1′′ x 3′′—making it a little bit more portable.

Again, the nicest thing about a laptop stand is that you can use it anyplace, so in our opinion, a product that is a little bit smaller is really handy. 

This device has a significantly higher lifting capacity than the Laptop 30. The VIVO Standing Laptop Desk’s manufacturer claims that it can lift and support up to 66 pounds, however Varidesk only advises resting the product with up to 15 lbs. 

Everyone enjoys this unique feature that makes this product a little bit cozier, yet it could not be a deal maker or deal breaker for anyone.

When using a laptop stand, you’ll notice that your wrists rest on the product’s edge, which might get uncomfortable after a while. With the VIVO Desk, you may rest your wrists on the edge’s curved coping. 

The main drawback to this feature is that it cannot be disabled, therefore it is not optional. If you lower the desk too quickly and your laptop smashes against the surface, you might easily damage your laptop desk or even your laptop.

To prevent this, VIVO has incorporated a tiny padded spring to the bottom of the device. This spring will make sure that the laptop tray never presses firmly against the desk below. 

Best Varidesk Alternatives? Given that this article has already considered the less expensive alternative, it is difficult to ignore the price of this product as a deciding factor. But even while it performs some tasks quite similarly to the Varidesk and even better in others, the TaoTronic costs about 60% less. 

One must confess that the Varidesk Laptop 30 does some tasks more effectively than the Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop 30. The height range for both products is the same, but the Varidesk offers nine different height settings while the TaoTronic only has five. In addition to being a little bit lighter, as this article already indicated, Varidesk has a lower profile when compact, which some individuals find preferable. 


Best Varidesk Alternatives? Alternatives to the varidesk come in a variety of sizes and forms, and as always, what works for one person may not necessarily be the best option for another. 

Though Varidesk is a well-known name in the market, hopefully, you’ll get to understand that not all items can be flawless in every way, and that Varidesk products do have some drawbacks. 

Best Varidesk Alternatives? Hopefully, you can sort through all of these items and discover one that best meets your requirements, whether you’re looking for a desk that is more solid, less expensive, taller, or more adaptable. You have a choice!