Best Reclining Office Chairs

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Best Reclining Office Chair

Who does not want to have a comfortable sitting experience while working on the office desk? The best reclining office chairs would be the perfect pick-up option to have a relaxing working experience. You can move to any direction while sitting in your reclining office chair.

Working for 8 hours long at the office may become quite monotonous and sitting for such a long time may hurt your back. If your reclining office chair follows the natural human curve of the spine, such issues of back pain can be minimized. Along with the  footrest, the armrests and the headrest should also be padded to give you maximum relaxation. 

Finding the best reclining office chair with footrest can be a time-consuming process. Here we have made this task easier for you as we have gone through a thorough research to find the best office chair for reclining.

Our Top 3 Picks – Best Office Reclining Chairs

The 12 Best Reclining Office Chairs

1. Duramont Reclining Leather Office Chair – Best Leather Recliner

This Duramont Reclining chair catches your attention due to its exotic black color and padded leather seats. The ideal combination of leather made seat and nylon made frame, gives you a convenient sitting experience.

You can recline the chair from 90 degree to 155 degree and can lock the chair in your comfortable angle. Built-in adjustable lumbar support allows you to control the pressure on the back. 

This is quite flexible and the leather gives you a relaxing sitting space. The maximum weighing capacity of this chair is 250 lbs.


  • Ergonomic design helps to sit for long hours without back pain.
  • Made of Bonded leather, gives a unique and elegant look.
  • 155 degrees of Reclining (comfortable enough to take a nap).
  • Comfortable for tall and heavy people. 


  • This is not a fully reclining office chair as it cannot recline up to 180 degrees. 
  • The padding of the seat may feel a bit hard.

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2. RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair

The  best thing about this chair is that it can serve both as a desk chair and a gaming chair. During a long gaming session or hard day at the office, this race car-style gaming chair can give you a good sitting experience.

The chair comes with the 4D adjustability, so you can lock your comfortable reclining position. The chair can recline from 90 degrees to 155 degrees. 

The bold black color of this chair makes it a perfect professional reclining chair with a trendy look. It can withstand up to 275 pounds weight. This is one of the bestselling reclining chairs in the market. 


  • Comes with 4D adjustability. 
  • This chair has Reclining control. 
  • Capable of Infinite angle lock. 
  • Adjustable lumbar and headrest pillow. 
  • Has padded armrests.
  • Decreases your back pain. 


  • The maximum weight capacity could have been made better. 
  • It cannot recline up to 180 degrees.

3. KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair – Best Reclining Gaming Chair for the Money

This is another gaming cum reclining office chair constructed with the premium quality faux leather and this chair is quite sturdy to sit. The metal frames make this chair quite robust and it can carry up to 250 lbs. 

 You need to stretch your legs during intense and long gaming sessions. The retractable footrest is ideal for stretching your legs comfortably.  

The seat dimension of this chair is  (W x D ): 21.3” x 20.1” which makes it quite spacious. The cushioned seats, and thick armrests feel snug and relaxing. 


  • Sturdy and robust construction.
  • Seats are quite spacious. 
  • Ideal to sit for long hours. 
  • Easy to adjust the backrest by just pulling or pushing. 
  • Can recline up to 175 degrees. 


  •  The seat and armrest cushions could have been made of better quality. 
  •  The backrest might hurt.
  •  It is not a fully reclining office chair.

4. Merax Portland Technical Leather – Big Recliner Chair with Footrest under $300

This is a cozy reclining desk chair by Merax that can withstand up to 250 lbs. Made of PU leather and vinyl, this has pneumatic high seat adjustment to provide you with great stability and mobility while sitting on it.

The upper material of nylon is quite smooth and silky. This black double layered chair makes a perfect professional reclining desk chair.  The wide seat makes this reclining desk chair an ideal chair to take a short nap during a hectic day at office.

Best investment ever!!! This chair was super sturdy and comfortable. I’m glad I purchased this chair because not only is it comfy, it also comes with a cushion that helps with my lower back and keeps my back postured when gaming or doing computer work. It also can adjust to a best position for a napping!!!
I would recommend this chair to all my friends. I am really pleased with my choice 🙂
– Amazon Buyer


  • Suitable mostly for sedentary people.
  • Seats are well padded.
  • Looks unique and elegant.
  • Has five swivel castors.
  • Has a solid and robust construction. 


  • The footrest is a bit sticky.
  • The hydraulic cylinder is not so good.
  • The backrest is not puffy enough. 

5. 170 Degree Reclining Ergonomic Office Chair

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Made of faux leather, this reclining chair can be locked in your preferable position from 90 degrees to 170 degrees. The upper part is covered with PU leather and filled with a high density memory sponge. 

This comes with a comfortable lumbar support and cushioned seats. The 5 rolling caster wheels allow you to move your chair to any direction. 

The overall dimension is 25.4Lx25.4W x 41-44H and it can withstand  up to 250 lbs weight. This is however not a heavy duty reclining office chair. 


  • Can lock the chair in your comfortable position. 
  • The upper area is covered with PU leather. 
  • The seat height is moderate.
  • Adjustable and removable lumbar pillow.
  • Comes with ergonomic design.
  • Has 5 nylon rolling caster wheels.  


  • Not meant for heavy persons.
  • Not ideal for taller people.

6. Flash Furniture Multi-Position Recliner – Best Recliner with Ottoman

The best thing about this reclining office chair is its footrest that allows you to put your feet up in any direction. The armrests are of plus size and quite spacious.

Made of soft leather and mahogany, the overall dimension of this chair is 40 x 32.75 x 41 inches. The maximum weight capacity of this bag is 250 lbs.

Another unique thing about this recliner is that the frames are made of mahogany wood which gives it a very polished look. You can adjust the level of the recliner. 


  • The footrest is quite large. 
  • The armrests are comfortable.
  • The frames are made of premium quality mahogany wood.
  • You can adjust the level of reclining.
  • The leather is quite durable.
  • The seats are fully cushioned.


  • The design of the wooden frame might not appease you. 
  • Not meant for the heavy persons.

7. Hbada Reclining Office Desk Chair – Best Mesh Chair with High Recline

The comfortable lumbar support, and  adjustable headrest make this reclining chair a suitable one for  a hard session at your office. The backrest is designed in a unique way to suit the natural human curve of your spine. Breathable mesh material is the chief component of this reclining chair. 

This is a heavy duty reclining office chair as it can carry up to 300 lbs weight. The overall dimension of this chair is  24″L x 24″W x 45.2 – 48″H.

The armrests are adjustable and are covered with PU. The seat is quite spacious and it comes with a solid, robust construction.


  • Ergonomic design.
  • Suits the natural curve of your spine.
  • The material is breathable, and does not stink.
  • This is a heavy duty reclining office chair.
  • Allows you to recline from 90 degrees to 150 degrees.
  • Has a hurdy construction.


  • This is not a fully reclining office chair.
  • It does not have the position lock system. 
  • The backrest is not padded.

8. B2C2B Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair

Made of faux leather, this reclining chair comes with cushioned headrest and armrest. The cushions are 4.33” thick which gives you a soft and cozy sitting experience. 

You can lock this reclining chair at any position from 90 degrees to 130 degrees. The footrest can be pulled out forward if you feel like taking a short nap on it.

The rolling caster wheels can move to any direction without any abrasion on the floor. The chair can withstand up to 300 pounds weight, and its backrest will suit the natural curve of your spine.


  • This is a heavy duty reclining office chair.
  •  Decreases your back pain. 
  • Seats are  cushioned. 
  • Comfortable backrest and armrests.
  • This reclining chair avoids any kind of abrasion.
  • Creates no damage on the floor.
  • The wheels can turn up to 360 degrees.


  • This is not a completely reclining office chair.
  • The plastic made arm handles may not feel good. 
  • The holes are not big enough for the wheels.

9. Best Office Ergonomic Office with Lumbar Support and Footrest

This reclining desk chair is made of faux leather and nylon material and it can lift up to 250 lbs weight. The reclining capacity of this desk chair is from 90 degrees to 155 degrees and it has a position lock system. 

This chair is specially designed for an all day long sitting, and its design has been approved by BIFMA. The caster wheels give you a great amount of mobility.

The overall dimension of this reclining chair is 35 x 50 x 50 inches and the weight is 38.5 pounds. You will get various color combinations for this reclining office chair.


  • Great for sitting for a long hour.
  • Unique and comfortable design.
  • Made of premium quality faux leather.
  • The chair is quite lightweight.
  • Has a position lock system.


  • The hydraulics are not that good.
  • The metal bars get rusty soon.
  • This is mainly meant for the gamers.

10. DEVAISE Ergonomics Recliner Office Chair

This is a mesh made heavy duty reclining office chair by Devaise that can carry up to 300 lbs weight. The human curve design backrest is not cushioned, but it is capable of decreasing the back pain.

The chair can recline from 90 degrees to 160 degrees and can be locked at any position. The mesh material is breathable and hence it does not stink.

The overall dimension of this reclining chair is20.9″L x 20.9″W x 45.7 – 48.8″H and the backrest dimension is  17.1″W x 29.5″H. You will have a 30 days return policy for this reclining computer chair.


  • The mesh material of this chair does not stink. 
  • Human curve design backrest decreases the back pain.
  • The reclining capacity is up to 160 degrees.
  • Comfortable footrest and armrest.
  • You can sit on it comfortably even for a really long time. 


  • The backrest is not cushioned.
  • The footrest is unlockable.
  • Padding of the seat is quite thin.

11. Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Massage Chair with Footrest

If you are looking for a high quality reclining office chair that can be used for both office work and gaming, then this Ficmax Chair would be the right choice. This is a gaming-cum-reclining office chair made of PU leather and metal frames. 

The high density foam is 4.8-inch thick, and gives you a cozy sitting experience. It has a neck pillow, and a USB powered lumbar massage pillow. It comes with a Class 4 hydraulic piston.

The manufacturer gives you a 30 days return policy, and 12 months long warranty period for this reclining computer chair. The overall dimension of this chair is 33.8 x 12.6 x 25.2 inches, and it can carry up to 300 lbs weight.


  • It can carry up to 300lbs weight.
  • The seat and backrest are well padded.
  • Comes with a neck pillow and lumbar massage pillow.
  • Has a retractable footrest.
  • The armrests can be adjusted as per your comfort.
  • Great for long hours sitting.


  • Assembling this reclining chair is a bit tough.
  • The wheel base is not that good.

12. Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair 

With an overall dimension of 50.3 x 26.7 x 26.7 inches, this is a nylon made modern style reclining office chair. The frames of this chair are made of steel and are quite durable.

It comes with 5 star silenced wheels to give you a quick and smooth movement on the ground. However, it is  not a heavy duty reclining desk chair as it carries only 250 lbs weight.

The cushions are slightly downward, and it has built-in lumbar support. For an all day long sitting, this chair is quite comfortable.


  • Great mobility on the floor.
  • Perfect for long sessions.
  • Comes with 5 star silenced wheels.
  • Hardy and solid construction.
  • Breathable material.
  • This is quite lightweight.


  • The carrying capacity is moderate.
  •  The cushions are not very thick.


In this article, we have tried to give you all the information that you may need before investing your money on a reclining office chair. Every product has its unique feature and you need to check whether the product can serve your purpose or not.

Some of the reclining chairs are meant for heavy persons such as the Hbada Reclining Office Desk Chair, Ergonomic Office Chair PC Gaming Chair Desk Chair, while some are not for them. But more or less each and every product in the above list is made of great quality material to give you a relaxing sitting experience. 

However, our recommendation from this entire list of best reclining office chairs is the Hbada Reclining Office Desk Chair. The main reason for this is that it is a heavy duty reclining office chair and is made of breathable mesh material. Due to its ergonomic design, it will also be good for people who suffer from back pain. 

This well researched article will hopefully guide you to pick up the best reclining chair that can meet your expectations.

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