Best Office Chair Armrest Pads

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Best Office Chair Armrest Pads


The majority of the office goers spend anywhere between 7 to 9 hours each day on the same office chair. So, you need to be selective about which office chair to buy, that perfectly augments your performance. 

We often tend to ignore the choice of an office chair, but, out of all the furniture you buy for your office, the most crucial is the office chair. A wrong choice can lead to severe back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. 

However, among the other features like cushioning and seat height, you also need to choose the correct armrest for office chair. 

Why choose a separate armrest when there is already one fitted with the chair? Often the stock armrest is hard and causes elbow pain, or the height is insufficient to reach the desk, which puts additional tension on the arm and forearm.

After understanding the importance of armrest, are you thinking about which armrest to go for?

Don’t worry; we are with you. This article will take you through the best five armrests for your office chair and help you make the final decision. 

So let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Office Chair Armrest Pads

1. EcoLifeDay Chair Ergonomic armrest Cushions

The first on our list for the best armrest pads is the EcoLifeDay Chair Ergonomic armrest Cushions. If your original armrest is hard and gives you elbow soreness when you sit to work or play games, you can get rid of the soreness by putting this EcoLifeDay Chair Ergonomic Armrest Cushions on your original armrest. 

It is soft and elastic so save your elbow being scratched by the armrest. 

Again, this armrest is made in a way that you can increase its height so that your elbows are rested on the armrest, and not hanging. This reduces pain. 

This armrest is made of soft polyester and high-density memory foam for maximum comfort of your arm and elbow. It is provided with an anti-slip fabric that does not allow the pads to fall off the chair. 

Often these armrests are subjected to dirt, dust and sweat, which eventually stings. How would you clean them? It’s easy with EcoLifeDay.

These armrests come with a free cover. Wrap it around your padded armrests. When you feel like cleaning the armrests, remove the cover with an inbuilt zipper, and you can easily machine-wash it anytime. 

NOTE: ‘Do not put the cushions into the washer or dryer.’

This pair of armrests has been designed with the needs of a large number of people in mind. It is designed in a way to provide a more natural posture and minimum pressure on your arms and elbows. 

Moreover, it comes with a long Velcro strap that you can cut as per the need and fix the original armrests.

We all want our investments to be as long-lasting as possible. This pair of armrests fulfils that end. It is made up of high-quality foam, and the fabric of these armrests guarantees maximum durability. 

The quality is so good that whether you buy it for your use or give it as a gift to someone, it will not disappoint its owner. 

After opening the wrapper, you might get some unusual smell, but that’s normal. The smell goes away within a few days of use. 


  • Easy to install
  • Very comfortable
  • Well-cushioned
  • A great choice for people who sit for long hours at work


  • Velcro straps are brittle.

2. Everlasting Comfort ArmRest Pillow

The second mention in our list is the Everlasting Comfort ArmRest Pillow. These armrest Pillows are completely made of premium memory foam that comforts your arm and elbow. 

On top of the memory foam cushion, a cooling gel insert keeps your elbow cool and absorbs body heat only to dissipate it to the surroundings. This cooling gel insert makes for a comfortable armrest that serves you as you work for hours at end. 

The armrest Pillow has been aptly designed to mould as per your elbow and forearm contour. Additionally, it comes with an armrest cover that helps to elevate the chair arm level. It becomes especially important when the armrest of your chair and your desk level does not match. 

Did you know that apart from the cooling gel, these cushions use other ways of releasing heat? It makes use of a breathable mesh cover that dissipates even more heat and keeps you comfortable. 

This breathable mesh cover also protects the chair’s original cushions from wear and tear. There is also good news that these covers can be washed in the washing machine. 

However you need to be cautious as not to put the foam cushions into the washer, only the covers can be washed. Washing the memory foam makes it stiff and doesn’t provide the optimum support. 

This armrest cushion has a versatile use. It can be used in gaming chairs, office chairs, dining chairs and even wheelchairs. Anywhere you need extra support and comfort, these armrest cushions come in handy. 

And you know what is more appealing about these cushions? These armrest pads use double-sided fasteners. 

The use of such Fasteners makes the pads more durable, reusable and lends a strong, reliable hold that doesn’t need much readjustments. These fasteners can be easily unfastened and the pads can be carried along to wherever you wish to take them. 


  • Premium memory foam with cooling gel at the top to adjust with the body heat.
  • Breathable mesh cover that improves air circulation and heat dissipation.
  • Versatility can be used in almost all kinds of chairs.
  • Double-sided fasteners for a tighter grip.
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee.


  • The edges of the front and back slightly stick up causing a little pressure on the wrist.

3. Borpres Office Chair Armrest Pads

BORPRES memory foam pad set is stylish as well as comfortable. These are classy in design and enriches the look of your office chair without compromising on comfort. 

It is very comfortable as it provides a thicker memory foam of over 2.4 inches in height. It provides an excellent springy feel to your elbows and arms. This thick foam adds to the style and comfort that these armrest pads provide. 

The high-quality memory foam is covered with a very soft velvet cover. This cover is smooth with outstanding elasticity and doesn’t get wrinkled easily. All these features make the cover quite fit for daily use. 

There is one point of hitch regarding the cover. It is made up of velvet and some people are allergic to it. So, if you are going for this Borpres armrests, make sure that you don’t have an allergy to the particular fabric. 

There is a point of amazement to these armrest pads. Do you know what? It is not machine made. Yes, that’s right. 

These Borpres armrest pads are handmade using the best in class materials so that they are durable and provide awesome comfort. The material being durable, you can use it for hours at end without worrying about the wear and tear of daily use. It can easily stand that. 

These memory foam armrest pads are stable and reliable. To prevent slipping during work, it is provided with anti-slip bottoms and long hooks and long straps to fix the pads on your chair. 

The Borpres armrest pads have a wide range of use. You can use it in any chair. Wherever you need some extra comfort and support, you can take it along. Be it an office chair, gaming chair, wheelchair or stool, this can serve its purpose equally.


  • Very thick padding (more than 2 inches) 
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Double-sided fasteners
  • Anti-slip lower surface
  • Wide range of use
  • Washable velvet cover
  • The cover doesn’t catch wrinkles easily


  • Some people might be allergic to the velvet cover.

4. Homefelt Chair Armrest Pads

The next armrest pad on our list is the Homefelt Chair armrest pads. This armrest pad is made of high-density foam that is soft, thick and firm, all at the same time. It gives you awesome comfort and releases the slightest pressure from your arms and elbow. 

This foam is durable, and over time, it gets more and more comfortable as it matches the contour of your forearms. With a 2.6 inches thick pad, you need not to worry about the softness of this cushion. It is super soft and reliable. 

Besides the thick padding, this armrest also comes with integrated soft massage dimples made of soft polyester fabric. This massage dimple also helps in releasing tension from your arm, forearm and wrist. 

To set your arms at the natural incline, this armrest comes with an advanced ergonomic design. It has an elevated forearm support curve that automatically puts your hand at the ideal level of your desk without you straining to reach your mouse and keyboard. 

It is not the end. 

If you find that your hand and wrist exceed the height of your desktop due to the forearm support, you need not discard the armrest pad and get a new one. All you need to do is reverse the pad on your armrest, and it will be perfectly fine. Initially, you can try it both ways and see what works the best for you. 

These armrests are an all-around fit. It comes with two long Velcro straps, which can fit any chair. From gaming chairs to wheelchairs, anywhere you want increased comfort to your forearms and elbow, Homefelt has got you covered. One can use these straps to fix the armrest anywhere, can also detach them and carry them with him.

For your complete peace of mind, Homefelt offers a lifetime guarantee with outstanding services.


  • High-density foam
  • Integrated soft massage dimples
  • Height can be adjusted by fitting it the other way
  • Long Velcro straps
  • Fits in almost all chairs
  • Anti-slip
  • Lifetime guarantee with exceptional service


  • Being Velcro, it may slide, if not tightly fastened. 
  • The Velcro may catch your shirt if you don’t pay attention.

5. LargeLeaf Chair Ergonomic Armrest cushions

Although the armrest cushion made by LargeLeaf ranks last in our list, it is no less efficient than the rest of the pads. It is comfortable, made of quality material, durable and possesses a better ergonomic design. 

If you think your stock armrest is hard and causes pain to your elbows or they are not supported while you work at your desk because of insufficient height, you need to get a LargeLeaf Chair ergonomic armrest cushion. It can help you solve both the issues to focus on the work at hand instead of your elbow pain. 

This ergonomic armrest cushion is made of supersoft polyester and high-density memory foam, designed to provide maximum comfort to the forearm and elbow. 

The undersurface of this cushion has an anti-slip fabric that fixes the pad to the chair’s armrest. 

LargeLeaf armrest cushions come with anti-dust and anti-dirt  covers that can be removed by a zipper. The cover can be hand or machine washed. Just to remind you, DO NOT put the cushion into the washer or dryer as this may get unsuitable for use. 

Unlike many cushion pads, these LargeLeaf Chair armrest pads also have double fasteners with Velcro, that can be adjusted to hold the chair’s original armrest in position. 

These armrest pads can be used as wrist-rest pads while working on your keyboard or mouse. This adds to the versatility of this cushion, and it works equally well, whether on hard desktops for gaming and office chairs.


  • Soft polyester, high-density memory foam
  • Anti-slip undersurface
  • Thick armrest pads. 
  • Free removable cover for easy cleaning


  • Velcro straps may break on extended use


As we have come to the end of this article, we hope you have made your mind about which armrest cushion pad you will be buying for your chair. Before you purchase, make sure you check the durability and the period of the manufacturer’s guarantee on the product.

Also, keep in mind your essential requirements, like whether or not you want memory foam and other features we discussed in this article. 

Feel free to share this article with a friend or co-worker who is having a tough time dealing with sore elbows due to hard armrests. We will share with you another helpful review very soon!

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