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If you are thinking of getting the best kneeling office chairs for yourself, here is the article which you must seriously go through. However, before you start learning about the types of kneeling chairs available and the other factors related to it, you must have a clear idea about these chairs.

What exactly is a kneeling chair and how is it different from a regular office chair?

The kneeling rocking office chair creates the perfect open body angle. Once you sit on it, you will find that your lower body gets slightly tilted towards the front, keeping the spine in proper alignment, allowing you to work for hours without having a strain on your back and shoulders.

This chair is specifically designed to reduce strain on the lower back by distributing the burden evenly between the shins and the buttocks. These ergonomic kneeling chairs allow you to sit in the position with the thighs dropped at an angle of around 60° to 70°.

The knee rest is just for preventing the user from falling forward, off the chair.


Now, as you have the basic idea about these chairs and how it works, we can hop into the next section which brings you the eight best kneeling office chairs.

The Best Kneeling Chairs

1. Dragonn By Vivo

The basic idea of this ergonomic chair by Vivo is to adjust according to the angle of your lower body and ease the strain on your lower back. The 90-degree sitting angle of Dragonn’s kneeling chair is supported with the kneepads so that the user does not tilt too forward while working. Having padding which is around 3 inches thick, this chair is considered as the best one in this range.

The fabric used in the chair is mesh, a breathable material which adds up comfort. The metal frame of this best kneeling office chair can hold up to 250 pounds and has an adjustable height ranging between 21 inches to 28 inches.

A fantastic choice for tall people, the chair has four caster wheels of which two can be locked.

Having a fantastic functional design, the seat of the chair is tilted forward, preventing you from slouching back or hunching forward. Distributing your weight evenly throughout the buttocks and legs, the upright posture promises proper alignment of your spine.

It has a sleek look which perfectly fits the ambience of your workspace, school and or any other space where your lower back needs extra support. The tilt angle, cushion and the height allows the user to work for more extended periods efficiently without feeling pain or fatigue.


  • This chair offers the perfect seat angle, which supports your sitting posture and helps eliminate back pain.
  • It is adjustable, allowing you to change the seat height between 21-31 inches.
  • The thickness and the material of the padding make it a comfortable seat.
  • It has four wheels which increases the mobility. You can also lock two wheels to keep the chair in a fixed position and work smoothly for hours.


  • It does not have a backrest for you to relax.
  • The user cannot adjust the knee rest.

2. Varier Variable Balans Kneeling Chair [Designed by Peter Opsvik]

Known as the best rocking kneeling chair offered by Varier, this chair was designed by Peter Opsovik in 1979. This Norwegian chair is made out of high-quality, durable wood and is often termed as the original kneeling chair. Perfect choice for people who have to spend hours sitting and working, the Varier kneeling chair is suitable for both adults and children. It offers a height of 28.7 inches.

Stylish and functional, it is designed to keep the body in correct balance, gently tilting the pelvis forward. The tilt allows the body to maintain the upright posture, stimulating the muscles and putting little pressure on the spinal discs. It minimizes the strain on your back and shoulder, supporting your lower legs with shin pads. Although a little expensive, the chair also has a soft tape on the base, which keeps away the issue of scratches on the floors.


  • The chair allows the user to maintain the natural upright posture when sitting.
  • The average height of this chair easily matches all kinds of work tables.
  • Made out of wood, the appearance of this chair is quite attractive, making it the best choice if you want to add up the element of beauty to your comfort.
  • The seat and the knee pad are very comfortable, which allows the user to sit and work for hours without experiencing discomfort.


  • A bit expensive than others on this list. (but worth every penny)
  • It does not offer adjustability options.

3. Boss B248 Ergonomic Kneeling Stool

The B248 knee chair from the house of Boss is a product which would leave you surprised. Although it uses a low-quality build-up, it puts up a decent kneeling chair which is practical and comfortable.

The caster wheels of the chair offer mobility even while sitting on the chair. The padding quality is not very thick, but the seta and knee pads are designed in a way which assures the perfect sitting posture.

It supports the user and prevents him from sliding to the front. The chair also offers a pneumatic seat adjustment option at the lowest price.


  • The chair offers pneumatic seat height adjustment options.
  • It is portable and is easy to assemble.


  • Not the best quality product in the market.
  • Not suitable for extended periods.

4. BetterPosture Jazzy Kneeling Chair

Most traditional kneeling chairs do not have a backrest, but BetterPosture Jazzy Kneeling Chair is different. It is the best solution for people who are looking for the type of chair which falls as an intermediate option between standard office chairs and the kneeling chairs.

Having a backrest, this chair distributes the body weight to the legs, providing proper support to your back by improving the posture.

This jazzy kneeling chair has a metal frame with a weight limit of up to 275 pounds and an average height ranging between 21 to 28 inches. The cushions are made out of memory foam with a comfortable knee pad and a removable backrest. Also, it has five-caster wheels which offer easy rolling without leaving a scratch on the floor.


  • Comes with a removable backrest to support your lower back.
  • Offers the right body posture when sitting.
  • Five caster wheels that allows it to roll smoothly on the floor.


  • A bit expensive.

5. Defy Desk Ergonomic Chair

An ideal computer kneeling chair for short people and children, this ergonomic chair by Defy Desk has caster wheels and an adjustable height between 21 inches to 28 inches. Made out of three inches thick foam cushions, the foam and padding of this chair are designed primarily to offer comfort and an elevation in height.

The chair can take weight up to 250 pounds and in terms of ergonomics, is an excellent deal for you. The manufacturers have created this kneeling chair with a precise aim of offering the right product, which allows the user to get rid of neck and back pain.

The chair offers multiple height adjustments options. This incredible stool adjusts according to your sitting posture and makes you all ready to defy the usual way of sitting at your work desk.


  • This chair has a fantastic foam cushion to increase your comfort when sitting and working for several hours at a stretch.
  • Caster wheels which add up to mobility.
  • The seat is dynamic and adjusts quickly to your sitting posture.


  • No backrest for support.
  • Not suitable for tall people.


6. Sleekform Kneeling Chair

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This fantastic kneeling chair from the house of Sleekform is the perfect example of a modern chair with updated technological features. It has an easy dial under the seat using which you can adjust the seat up to the height of 7 inches, between an average of elevation of 21 to 8 inches.

The chair is designed to hold a body-weight of about 50 pounds more than its competing products.

This is one of the best kneeling chair made for a tall person that is made out of black mesh leather and thick padding. The Sleekform kneeling chair allows the user to maintain the right angle when sitting, without putting pressure on the lower back.

The chair gives the natural alignment to your back, shoulders and the neck, reducing the strain element. It comes with the rolling castor wheels which can be replaced when necessary.


  • Sturdy and can take a weight of up to 256 pounds.
  • The seat and padding material is very comfortable and adds up to efficiency.
  • Offers easy access to adjustability.


  • Due to its height, it is suitable for tall people only.

7. ProErgo Pneumatic Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

All new and improved, this pneumatic ergonomic kneeling chair by ProErgo is known for its height flexibility and adjustability options. Often termed as the best kneeling chair for sciatica, the chair is specifically designed to assure the user a certain amount of comfort level.

ProErgo Pneumatic Ergonomic Kneeling Chair | New & Improved! | Fully Adjustable Mobile Office Seating | Improve Posture to Relieve Neck & Back Pain | Easy Assembly | Use in Home, Office, or Classroom!

It corrects the posture, keeps you from slouching or crouching, with its perfect seat tilt angle. It promises maximum comfort to the knees, shins and the lower back. The three-inch thick cushions add up to the comfort factor.

It has the sleek strong metal base which promises durability along with an attractive look. A perfect choice for office, home and your workspace, this chair can keep you moving all day with its smooth wheels.



  • Easy to assemble.
  • Modern design with a sexy look, making it a perfect match for your workspace.
  • It promises comfort and healthy posture, ideal for people with coccyx and sciatica pain.


  • Comes with a hefty price tag.

8. Maxkare Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

This heavy-duty, ergonomic chair from Maxkare is an excellent choice for people who are looking for the right kneeling work chair. Quickly adapting, this chair can reduce fatigue and make work more comfortable and healthy.

The seat angle helps to maintain the upright sitting posture, keeping the spine straight and cutting off lower back pain. It offers adjustable seat height ranging between 19.3 to 22.4 inches.

The knee pad is also adjustable up to 4.7 inches, which makes it an ideal choice for both short and tall people. The seat uses PVC lather and recycled foam which adds to the look and comfort of the product.

Maxkare Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Office Home Chair with Adjustable Height for Posture Correct| Bad Backs | Neck Pain Relieving | Spine Tension Relief-Thick Comfortable Cushion

You can adjust the backrest according to your sitting posture. It has a sturdy base with two caster wheels allowing the user mobility as well as fixed chair options.

All in all this is a fantastic chair that suits well to all work styles and can help you eliminate physical problems like pain in your lower back.


  • It offers easy access to adjustability.
  • The chair offers a seat height which can be adjusted between 19 to 22 inches.
  • This chair has a sturdy frame with right seat alignment, eliminating your issues related to lower back pain.


  • You cannot pair it up with tables having an average height of 29 inches.

What to choose the Best Kneeling Chair – Buying Guide

The world of chairs has numerous options to offer. This wide range of possibilities makes the process of finding the best ergo kneeling chair pretty daunting. So, to ensure that you invest in the right place, you must consider a few factors. Is the chair comfortable for you? Is the fabric allergic to your skin? If the product is worth value? Based on various researches and recommendations from experts, we have come up with the crucial factors based on which you can pick up your perfect kneeling chair.


Considered as the essential factor, the fabric of your kneeling chair can create a huge difference. In most cases, the chairs are being classified into the categories of best, average and flop based on the material of frame and upholstery. The structure of these chairs is made of wood or metal. Where metal frames are alloys which are resistant to rust and offer a durable life, the wood frames make the chairs look classy and attractive. The seat and the knee rest are made out of leather, faux leather or heavy-duty fabric. While leather upholstery looks smart and durable, it is not breathable and is quite expensive. The woven nylon upholstery is comfortable, affordable and is available in various colour options.


You need to make sure that the seat and knee rest of your kneeling chair is comfortable. Usually, regular and memory foam is used for padding. The chairs with memory foam are comparatively expensive but are very comfortable. However, as the foam is unbreathable, the seat often gets hot if you are sitting in it for a long time. Check if the thickness of the padding is proper and is not too hard or soft for better results.


Well, most people use kneeling chairs as the desk chairs. It is necessary to have a chair with flexible options so that you can get it in the right shape, which fits right to your desk and allows you to work efficiently. Check if the kneeling chair has an adjustable backrest, seat height, seat tilt and the knee rest so that you can efficiently work on your sitting posture, ensuring comfort and correct distance from your computer screen.

Dynamic seating

If you have to sit on your chair like a statue, it will not be a comfortable deal for you. It is recommended to choose for models featuring dynamic seating which allows the seat to adjust according to your sitting position. An adjustable kneeling chair with dynamic seating is a bonus which is good for posture and also allows the user to sit and work for long periods without any discomfort.


Not to mention but the appearance of the chair is also an essential factor which you must consider when buying it. There are practical boring looking chairs with right quality metal frames and sleek, attractive ones with a wooden frame. Although the latter looks excellent and offers a perfect look to your workspace, they are not very adjustable and comfortable.


Price is a significant determinant. You should know what you are paying for and if it is worth the cost. These chairs are available in three primary price ranges starting roughly from $40 to $125. The quality of the chair depends on the design, quality of the material, durability and the ultimate comfort.

Make sure that you pick up the right product which promises you comfort. Consider if the kneeling desk chair you are selecting is suitable for you. And remember, sitting and working on a kneeling chair can seem odd initially. So, give it a little time and allow yourself to adjust yourself to this new sitting manner and give your lower back a break from the strain.

History of Kneeling Chairs

The idea of a modern kneeling chair dates back to the 1970s in Norway. Although the concept of kneeling and sitting in that position has been an old and well-known sitting posture, it was implemented in chairs by Hans Christian Mengshoel.

The Tibetan monks use this position during entendre periods of meditation. Although it puts in a lot of pressure on the knees, the seiza bench allows the perfect angle between the back and the thighs. The benefits of sitting in this posture were first reported by a Danish Surgeon named Dr A.C. Mandal. He said that if people working on desks and school children learn back on the front legs while sitting, it will be their back pain. He mentioned that the chair seat having a 15°tilt towards the front would tilt the pelvis forward, easing the pressure on the back and allowing natural curvature of the spine.

Based on this information and related studies in this field, Mengshoel developed the first comfortable, practical chair. It was designed to support the kneeling down posture and help get rid of back and coccyx pain.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Why use a kneeling chair?

For someone who does not have any idea about the functionality of the kneeling chair, it may be a strange product. It has a unique design which makes it a piece of unusual furniture for your workspace. However, considering the range of benefits, a saddle kneeling chair is a must-have product for people who have to work for extended periods sitting in one place.

These chairs address the problem of poor posture and keep you from slouching. It forces the user to sit in an upright position, strengthening the muscles and engaging the core that helps to cut down back pain. The kneeling chair ensures that your body weight is evenly divided between your legs and buttocks so that you can work for hours comfortably without feeling their coccyx pain.

As the seat is slightly tilted towards the front, it increases your efficiency for tasks like drawing, sewing, etc.

Is there any kneeling chair with a backrest?

Yes. There are companies which sell kneeling office chair with back support. The backrest supports the lower back so that you maintain the upright position while sitting, distributing the weight evenly throughout the buttocks and legs and maintaining the alignment of the spine. However, as the seat is tilted towards the front, the presence or absence of the backrest does not make a huge difference.

The chairs with backrests have the dynamic seating option which adjusts according to your posture. With backrest, you can check on your posture and also get support for your lower back, eliminating the cause of coccyx pain.

What should the angle on a kneeling chair be?

The best kneeling office chair is specifically designed to distribute the weight of the body evenly between your buttocks and knees. If you compare with a traditional office chair, these chairs are a better option. When you use a kneeling chair, the legs are at a 90° position with weight distributed on the buttocks and thighs. The change in the distribution of weight helps in cutting of pain in the lower back, yet keeping your core engaged.

The theory of these chairs is to open up the angle of the thigh and torso, which allows the better balance of muscular use and the strain on your spinal column. The angle of the seat should not be too minimal or exaggerated. You must pick a chair having a slope between 25°-30°. You can sit, check and adjust according to your desk if required.

Are Kneeling chairs hard to Assemble?

Although a few kneeling chairs are fully assembled before the sale, most of them require you to put a little effort with assembling before use. The process of building a kneeling chair is pretty simple and does not need you to have expert knowledge or special DIY skills.

Most models come with the necessary tools for assembling. In case your order does not have the required tools, owning essential tools as a screwdriver would suffice. However, before you start with the assembling process, make sure you go through the user manual thoroughly. It will help you to get your chair ready in the most effortless and hassle-free manner.

Where to buy a kneeling chair?

Well, you can compare and buy the right kneeling chair for yourself over Amazon. They offer a wide range of options, mentioning the details of the product and kneeling office chair pros and cons. The detailed information about every product and the active reviews can help you make better decisions before investing in a kneeling chair for your personal use.

Are kneeling chairs good for your back

When you are seated on a kneeling chair your hips slide forward which is really great for your back and spine because your body weight is evenly distributed.

You will also notice that your shoulders, back and neck are aligned. All of this leads to reduce stress on the lower back.

Therefore if you have a history of back pain while sitting on other ergonomic office chairs you should definitely try getting a good kneeling chair.


The best kneeling office chair is one that ensures your body is tilted to the front, putting all the body-weight on the shins rather than your lower back.

If you have a typical office desk job and are suffering from unwanted pain on your lower back sitting for hours, then a kneeling chair is a perfect solution for you.

However, if you are using a kneeling chair then it is recommended to take short breaks between work to relax the muscles and avoid any knee pain.

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