Best Chair For Studying Long Hours

best chair for studying long hours

Do you have exams and plan to sit at a spot studying for long hours? Then, you need to know the best chair for studying long hours. You will save yourself from back pain and posture problems if you get a comfortable studying chair

After doing some research, we have compiled a list of some of the best chairs for you. We picked the chairs in this article based on sturdiness, support, and price. Want to know more about our recommendations? Read on! 

SMUG Home Office Ergonomic Desk Mesh Computer Modern Height Adjustable Swivel Chair with Lumbar Support/Flip-up Arms, Grey, 23.8D x 23.2W x 39.8H
1,395 Reviews
SMUG Home Office Ergonomic Desk Mesh Computer Modern Height Adjustable Swivel Chair with Lumbar Support/Flip-up Arms, Grey, 23.8D x 23.2W x 39.8H
  • Ergonomic Design Office Chair: The ergonomic backrest and lumbar support fit the natural curve of your lower back, take the pain of spinal away from your body. It provides comfortable support which...
  • Desk Chair with Flip-up Arms: The Adjustable armrests can move up and down and the comfortable armrests can relieve the discomfort of the elbow area. After use, you can retract the arms and put the...
  • Maximum Comfort: The computer chairs have a soft high-density sponge seat, which is covered with durable breathable mesh fabric and has good elasticity, and is difficult to deform to keep them...
  • Multi-Function: The height of the chair can be adjusted according to demand. It also features 360-degree rotation. Height adjustable from 18.5 to 22.2 inches, matching different stature. Weight...

How Do Good Chairs Affect Current Lifestyle? 

With the advent of the pandemic, many offices have shifted to a more home-based working arrangement. While this may seem like a good idea for many people, it isn’t. While the operational base has shifted, the operating hours remain the same. 

Hence, people must still sit in a chair for long hours. Many office chairs are built to be comfortable for the long hours associated with working. However, most chairs at home are made for relaxation instead of working. 

Traditional plastic chairs that make up a bulk of the chairs in our homes put stress on the joints. This can cause you to experience prolonged back pain within a week of using them. Even working from home, most people are expected to work at least ten hours daily. 

So imagine the discomfort you will experience if you need to study for ten hours for a work exam using a plastic chair. A good chair will balance your posture and massively reduce stress as you work. What are the advantages of a good studying chair? Find out in the next paragraph. 

Advantages Of Using A Good Studying Chair 

Reduced back pain is one of the advantages of using a good studying chair. However, there are other pros that you benefit from when you utilize a quality chair. 

Productivity Increase 

With many people having to prepare for exams or sit in offices, it has become imperative that only the best chairs are used. Why is it essential to have a good chair for studying or working? Well, for one, a quality chair increases your blood flow and evenly distributes energy all across your body. Increased blood flow and energy distribution are possible if you maintain good posture while sitting. While a quality chair comes with its advantages, it is also vital that you practice good sitting habits while using the seat. 

Therefore, if you want to increase your productivity while reading, a good chair is needed. You will study for longer hours if you use a good chair. 

Stress Levels Balancing 

A chair with an ergonomic design will consistently divide the stress level across the body. This makes sure that the stress isn’t placed on just one part of your body. When the stress is evenly distributed across your body, it can help your body to heal faster, and you get to study longer. 

Energy Preservation 

Another advantage of a good ergonomic chair is its ability to save energy. Did you know that distraction is one of the main points you’re losing energy?. Hence, a good chair that helps you maintain your natural body posture will ensure that you are not losing any energy while studying. When you sit for long hours, your body starts feeling drained. So, if you aim to study for long hours, go for a chair that will help you save precious energy. 

Improves Breathing Ability 

Do you know that sitting for long hours can cause you to fall short of breath? If you’ve ever struggled to breathe while sitting down for long hours, it’s presumably because you’re using a lousy seat. People fall short of breath after sitting for long hours because the organs are squeezed unevenly. This can hinder blood flow which causes breathing problems. Because oxygen is transported throughout the body using blood, if the flow of blood is restricted, this will cause significant problems with breathing. It is advisable to practice healthy breathing patterns if you plan to sit down for long hours. 

Hbada Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair, Office Desk Chairs with PU Silent Wheels, Breathable Mesh Computer Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support, Flip-up Armrests, Tilt Function, Beige
7,560 Reviews
Hbada Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair, Office Desk Chairs with PU Silent Wheels, Breathable Mesh Computer Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support, Flip-up Armrests, Tilt Function, Beige
  • 【Ergonomic Office Chair】: Hbada office chair adopts ergonomic design, the desk chair fully supports the right side, waist, hip, elbow. The ergonomic C-shaped office chair back fits the back at all...
  • 【Comfortable and Breathable】: This office chair cushion consists of a 3.14-inch thickened sponge cushion, an inner layer of solid wood wrapping, and an outer layer of high-elastic and breathable...
  • 【Space-Saving】: The mesh office chair is equipped with adjustable armrests. The armrests are wrapped in comfortable mesh and sponge, and the soft wrapping can reduce the pressure on the elbows....
  • 【Multi Function】: This ergonomic office chair adopts a unique butterfly bionic lumbar support, and the beautiful butterfly wings can provide waist and back support by adjusting up and down;...

Features To Look Out For When Buying a Study Chair 

Now that you know the advantages of buying an excellent ergonomic study chair, the next thing is to know what to look for when choosing one. Below are a few things we find essential. 

Seat Height 

Many seats used at home don’t have the required height for good study-like posture. Also, many of them aren’t adjustable. A good chair for studying is fully adjustable. It should have a pneumatic lever that allows you easily adjust the chair to your desired height. A good seat height for most people is around sixteen to twenty-one inches from the ground. This enables you to have your feet flat on the floor. It also keeps your thighs in a horizontal position and your arms at the desk’s height. 

Depth and Width Of The Seat 

A good sit should have enough width and depth to support you comfortably. Seventeen to twenty inches is usually the standard. The seat should have enough depth to sit against the backrest while leaving two to four inches between the back of your knees and the chair’s seat. Also, it is a good idea to go for a seat with an adjustable backward tilt. 

Lumbar Support 

Before you purchase a chair, check the lower back support. The spine has an inward curve. If you sit for long periods without support for the angle of the spine, it can lead to slouching. A lack of lumbar support will also lead to strains in the structure of the lower spine. A good ergonomic chair will have a lumbar adjustment for height and width. This would help you to have a proper fit for the inward curve of your back. 


The appropriate backrest for an ergonomic chair should be about twelve to nineteen inches wide. However, if the backrest is separate from the seat, it should be adjustable for height and angle. The backrest should support the natural curve of your back. It should also correctly support your lumbar region. If you choose a chair with both its backrest and seat, the backrest must be adjustable. The backrest should be able to adjust both forward and backward angles. A locking mechanism should secure it from going too backward once you have gotten the best angle. 

Material Of The Seat 

Another factor you should consider before investing in a study chair is the material of the seat. The best option is a chair that has a material with appropriate padding. Good padding will keep you comfortable for extended periods. In addition, it is advisable to go for a fabric that breathes instead of a hard surface. 


A good study chair helps you reach different parts of your desk without strain. It should easily rotate. The rotation should not come with any creaks and sounds. If you are purchasing a swivel chair, spin it around and listen for any unpleasant creaks before making a purchase. 

Top Study Chairs 

If you have gotten this far along in this article, it is safe to say that you know why a quality study chair is good for you. You also know the features to look out for when making a purchase. Hence, let us not beat around the bush and review some of our top picks. The products we picked are top-rated for extended studying and work. 

Cellbell C104 Fabric Mesh Office Chair

Cellbell as a brand was started in 2015. They have gained popularity because of the high standards they put into their products. Their products aren’t just made of the highest standards; they are also very affordable. This makes them perfect for you if you’re a student looking for a cheap yet quality alternative. They produce some of the best seats for extended periods of study. It has an ergonomic design and is crafted with some of the best adjustment technology. The product is rated a four-star out of five, which is a testament to its quality. 

The Cellbell has a weight capacity of 105kg. The chair weighs about 14kg. It comes with some of the best caster wheels. One of the advantages of the wheels is their ultra smoothness. The wheels are smooth and don’t leave any scratches on your tiles. The Cellbell has won the hearts of many for its affordability and ability to blend into the home and office aesthetics. 

The Cellbell gives you a lot of value for money. The chair gives your body rest from the stress of sitting down for long hours. It is very suitable for students in their 20s and 30s. So, if you fall within that age bracket, the Cellbell is made for you. The fabric of the Cellbell doesn’t cause heat to the body. It also doesn’t feel rough against the body. Instead, the material is very breathable and helps circulate air through the gaps. If you are looking for an affordable yet quality chair, the Cellbell is your best bet. 

LANDSUN Home Office Chair Ribbed Leather High Back Executive Swivel Computer Desk Chairs with Wheels and Armrests Soft Padded Adjustable Height Modern Conference Chrome White
131 Reviews
LANDSUN Home Office Chair Ribbed Leather High Back Executive Swivel Computer Desk Chairs with Wheels and Armrests Soft Padded Adjustable Height Modern Conference Chrome White
  • ★【Excellent Comfort】Office desk chair for home office, work station, or conference room. This chair was designed with your comfort in mind,made from soft faux leather upholstery and soft pad.
  • ★【Modern Design】Adding this office chair to your space is guaranteed to add some style to your office at home, or while at work. It was not only designed to catch your eye, but it was also...
  • ★【Sturdy Metal & Smooth】Solid Steel frame, Sturdy five-point base with rolling caster wheels for smooth mobility. Height adjustment allows you to easily modify the chair's height. The chair uses...
  • ★【Easy to Assemble】Detailed instructions and installation tools are included. Generally, with the help of instructions, the assembly of this high back executive swivel chair would be finished...

AB Designs

AB designs are touted to be amongst the best study chairs in the market. They are made with an ergonomic design, and the mechanism is top-notch. AB designs are the perfect companion for your home schedule. The seats have a thick foam that relaxes your back and comforts your muscles. The AB designs are equipped with nylon twin wheel castors. The twin-wheel castors are made to facilitate smooth mobility as you study. The twin wheels will work very well if you need to move from desk to desk as you study.

The wheels’ smoothness ensures that you don’t stop halfway when you move the chair across the room. So, you don’t need to drag the chair with your body weight when it stops halfway. The backrest is made using a high-quality fabric that will help you get relief from back pain. It is also built using top-quality wood. The chair is also durable and very environmentally friendly. AB designs are very lightweight compared to other seats, making them easy to transfer from one point to another. 

Savya Home Apex Chair 

Savya is a very prominent brand for producing excellent home furniture. The chair is stylish, sleek, and super comfortable. They are great for extended periods of study. It comes with a four-gas lift technology, making it easy to adjust and durable. The tilt of the alignment is a touch away, and you don’t have to worry about any discomforts when using this chair. 

Savya is sleek, making it the number one choice for offices and conference rooms. However, they can still be used for study purposes. With the smooth and buttery handling, there is no doubt that this chair is made with the customer’s comfort at heart. The chair is very user-centric. It also comes with a pneumatic five-inch hydraulic adjustment. The adjustment is for height which keeps the handling of the product as simple as possible. Savya’s home apex chair weighs about 15kg and can carry the weight of a 100kg person. It comes with a black mesh fabric. The cushion depth of the Savya makes it one of the most comfortable chairs on the market today.  The high density of the seat padding makes it excellent for relaxing the lower back. 

Savya home apex chair comes with a one-year warranty. This means that your purchase is fully protected as long as it is within a year. It has a black chrome finish and is made with polymer and plastic. 


It is a fact that the level of comfort you have when sitting during studying goes a long way to determine how well you assimilate and learn. Hence, it would help if you didn’t compromise on the quality of your study chair. Knowing the best chair for studying long hours is essential for your student’s journey. If you are lean on budget, you can choose the Cellbell as it offers all the benefits of a flagship for a budget chair.